Vegas means many things to many people. To me it means three things: Free Liquor, Gambling, Titties. Consider this post an organizational thread for other whazz travelers to know what to expect this weekend.

How much money are you bringing? Are you setting loss limits per day or just going crazy until you are broke? Strip clubs: general thoughts and concerns? Sleep: necessary? Hooking up in vegas: does it count as cheating?

I’m bringing $500 to gamble and another $500 for whatever… which will probably be gambled away as well. I’m probably going to do most of the gambling on saturday and spend friday getting as drunk as possible. I’m ok with strip clubs, but would rather not spend an entire night there… think about it people, naked chick, you can’t touch her, she can’t touch you, you can’t touch yourself and you have to give her all your money. I’m just a cracka that like titties, but we can find women attached to them at bars and spend our money on liquor to convince them they would like us to touch them. My only sleep will be from 11am-6pm on saturday and i’ll make sure there is a gimlet on my nightstand to drink immediately upon waking up. .20 BAC all day or go home.

For people that have been there, what is cool? For people that haven’t been there, what do you want to do? For whazz battle rappers, why do you think you can beat me?

I know this isn’t but this trip justifies its own planning post… so plan, biatchs.


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  1. They obviously went to the wrong club and went after the wrong girls. You gotta lure them in.

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