19 thoughts on “My Soul Hurts

  1. Ok, this all I got until I talk with Madd and Raj: I felt so poisoned and unhealthy when I got home that I promptly ate a handful of vitamins and a bowl of oatmeal. Oy raheeb…

  2. this just in… the us to use n-bombs against iraqi forces if they do not stop eating chicken and greens within 48 hours. now back to some old white guy yelling.

  3. Tonight i plan on killing millions of future babies by letting them suffacate and changing their environment from warm and dark to cold and on a tissue.

  4. if they hoes, they can get drunk with my alcoholic sea men friends, which cum with a tube steak

  5. don’t think i’ll be able to make it my neezy, but thats not fo sho yet. are you going wit yo ho rachael?

  6. Have Zac and Erin left for Wisco yet? What is the plan for tonight? What’s going on? What’s happening? What’s this all about?

  7. thats a good point. jen, your response should have been:

    “well, when you look at baby suicide rates, we are statistically killing very few babies.”

    smile and walk away.

  8. Ruckus claimin he a fUCLA Bruin
    not knowin what the fuck he be doin
    every rhyme he forms is in ruins
    give him a beat & he’ll spoil it
    might as feed it to the toilet
    you can’t fake this shit
    that’s why you rake this shit
    in my yard @ 3 dolla an hour
    you’s a retard, i got the power
    now its time for me to be candid
    some jerk off right handed
    others beat it left handed
    my dicks so big i jerk both handed

  9. I am looking forward to my adventure to Racine, I have only been there once before and that was with Paul Larsen and Rachel from the Hojo. It was a good time, we attended a church festival and drank beer compliments of Paul’s Mom.
    But this time should be more exciting especially if I am able to sleep between Moneypenny’s parents or even better with his Grandpa.

  10. 1. Kalish: I haven’t gone out at all. Lazy, plus I went to vegas last weekend.

    2. Cal, I join Jen’s question because I found this in the washington post:

    At San Francisco’s Federal Courthouse, at least two protesters took medicine that induced them to vomit.

    That sounds right up your alley.

  11. Oneil: I bought a St. Croix last week. I’m happy with it so far. I’m going out tomorrow and Sunday. I’ve been tying red ants. No idea if they’ll work. Have you been out since the opener?

  12. Hello, you in Racine.

    Zach & Erin: I can’t believe that you are in Wisconsin and are not coming to Madison. Boo.

    Wirkus & Bellgirl: I haven’t seen you in a while. I miss you. Are you coming back to Madison tonight?

  13. I wish we had time to come to Madison, but we are wedding-planned up all through the weekend. Don’t fear, in June we’ll be in Madison for the whole weekend.

  14. Somehow, probably knowing it’s flamed up destiny, the car started right away when A-Roz returned with the Sherrif. We also think that A-Roz;s drunkeness may have been the culprit. He got back around noon(I was asleep and hung over so I am not sure) and the three of us went out to the beach to drink Coors Light.

    On Tuesday we headed for Houston to visit A-Roz’s brother Mark. We drank beer and had awesome Mexican food and slept. We did get to see Mark play in a Softball game. It is a co-ed league, and the girls are not good. Mark is more competetive than myself, and has a bad temper. After several errors, he threatened to beat a girl with a bat(told to us just loud enough for the girl to maybe hear).

    About half way though the game, which thankfully for the girl, Mark’s team, Godzilla, won, I needed to use the restroom. All that they had were porta-poties, and in Houston at night with no lights, . . . I took a roll and went out to an adjacent feild and made stink on the grass.

    We left Texas on Thursday about noon.
    Mor BELLMAN SHIT. . . TOWELS TO 712!!!

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