Racine Madness

To get started I wanted to note that I just called Madd and when he answered I said “What’s up man?” There was a perfect 2 seconds of silence and he responded “I’m on a boat.” I thought it was pretty funny myself.

Last night was drunko. We hit the College Inn on Main and cleaned them out of High Life and Lite shorties again, and then we picked up Erin and Beth and went to Cheers (formally Coconut Grove(formally O’Flannery’s)) and had multiple pitchers of beer. Then we went to George Webb at 2am to harass the new cook: my brother Aaron. Bellgirl did NOT sleep with my parents, though when my brother got home from his shift at 6am she asked him if he wanted to hop into bed with her. haha.

Coming soon: Moneypennyfamily.com, in case you are interested in knowing my family’s ancestry dating back to 18th century Ireland.

We had the wedding tasting today at the Racine Marriott. Good all around, with my top choice being something that we honestly can’t really afford. The chicken dish I think we’re leaning towards is the Chicken Fontanelle, and the beef may be the Roasted Sirloin. Overall a good experience, and we were sitting at the table with 2 other couples which allowed us to get ideas for stuff at the reception and such.

I want to state right now that it is neither mine nor wirkus’ fault that the vegas post is still not up. That honor falls on the Madd Scientist. If you want someone to harass, stay away from me.

Erin’s Bridal Shower is in a couple of hours, and I sincerely hope we get some good loot out of it. Just kidding. I did tell her to win something nice for me.

Last Tuesday I bought a Tivo, and by Wednesday afternoon I finally had it hooked up and working. Pretty tight so far, I’ve already got a Season Pass to record Simpson’s, Chapelle Show, South Park, Howard Stern, Insomniac, WWE Raw and Smackdown among others. By the time we get back to Cali on Sunday evening there should be some nice juicy TV goodness waiting to be watched.


4 thoughts on “Racine Madness

  1. After reading Madd’s last post, I think I am going to volunteer his ass for AA. I mean, damn, this kids has definately got a drinking problem…

  2. Smitten w/ Rach, creativity bye bye
    Quoth the Comic Book Guy
    ‘Damn Scheizz, Worst Rap Ever’
    man please, come more clever
    you bag on S Fitty
    your rhymes be thrice as shitty
    soundin oh so junk-o
    got your hoe hollerin funk…oh
    she’s a brickhouse
    take the trick out the blouse
    i’m done with your ass til you come correcs
    cuz you bringin down my lyrecs
    No need for my shit to be too tight
    your shit came off less than alright

  3. I got hobo spit in my eye. Mother fuck. I’m walking to work, a hobo spits on the ground, god makes the wind blow, spit hits me in the eye.

    1. Madd, come on, post it by 5 PM or I’m erasing the 30-second masterpiece.
    2. Racine was way fun. I got way drunk. That dude who kept feeding Jen leftover St Patties day green jell-o shots was A+. George Webbs = what happened? I think I bought the bar. Did I? I remember betting Moneypenny 20$ over who has lower blood pressure and I remember getting pissed at Jen because she put her card on her makeshift George Webb comment card, but then she took it back which prompted me to add my card and my favorite Vegas stripper trading card. Raj, fill me in. I think the last time Raj, Erin, Bellgirl, Jen and I all hung out was Raj’s going away party. No slip & slide this time but a good time was had by all.

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