Various Wisconsin Items

I’ve been thinking over the last several days that I have no good way to follow up the Vegas post. So while I’m playing, I figured that I’d just whazz some junk out and hope for the best.

The weekend after Vegas Erin and I went back to Wisconsin to do wedding stuff. We took the red-eye out of SFO and got into O’Hare at about 5:30am. Weekend was pretty ok, and on Saturday night Wirkus, Bellgirl, and Jen came out with me and Erin to have some cocktails. First stop: College Inn, where according to Arlo and Jamey they are charging for Kankakee Bowling these days. We were content to buy them out of their High Life and Lite shorties again. Bellgirl, Wirkus, and Jen were also doing tequila shots. After a while we headed out to Cheers (formally O’Flannery’s for those in the know), where Jen got into a great conversation with just a solid-looking citizen who happened to male. She looked to be having a great time, so when Wirkus elbowed me and told me to go “save her”, I just let her be. To finish out the night, we stopped into George Webb to see my brother get his cook on. A few things happened at George Webb:

1. We were served by Chad Sylvester’s brother, Darin Sylvester.
2. Bellgirl had to be physically restrained from leaping heroically behind the counter to help my brother with the bar-time rush.
3. In addition to tipping our waiter (Darin freakin Sylvester!) we tipped my brother as well. His tip consisted of 2 positive comment cards written on napkins, 1 porno trading card from Vegas, Wirkus’ Connie business card, and $6. In the morning he told me he appreciated the tip.
4. Jen made me go to the bathroom with her because she was afraid of walking through George Webb at 3am.

5. Jen lectured us on the pros and cons (mostly the pros) of attacking Iraq as the rest of us almost fell asleep.
6. There was a car parked right outside where we were sitting that had a license plate that said CSHMNY.
7. My brother made me some damn fine chicken fingers.

Later on, Wirkus and Bellgirl slept at Casa de Moneypenny. They learned the fucking house rules, and they knew that the back of my dad’s hand awaited anyone who disobeyed.

Madd came over the other day to watch the Wisconsin/Kentucky game. Unfortunately, since we live on the west coast, and they’re bastards here, the Wisconsin game was not on. Instead we got to see Ari-fucking-zona versus Notre fucking Dame. In protest, me and Madd got drunk and watched Perfect Strangers on the Tivo. It was the one where Balki learns how to drive from Cousin Larry and hilarity ensues. With 2 minutes left in the game, those fuckers at CBS realized that the close Wisconsin game was perhaps better than the Arizona-is-winning-by-20 piece of shit that we were seeing.

Kansas/Arizona is on right now and Erin is losing her shit. If I’m not at work Monday, it may be because Kansas lost and I am now dead. Please send help.


3 thoughts on “Various Wisconsin Items

  1. Zach, do you like Bon Jovi? Wirkus was just talking about how much he loves them (almost as much as he loves wrestling) and we were wondering how you felt about them.

  2. 1. I am drnk
    2. Wrestlemaino was awesome. SHHOTTING BROCK PRESS!
    3. Los Guerooerreos stole my bike!
    4. w00!
    5. Booker T broke hsi shitr!
    6. That is all.

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