Oh Brewers

Welcome to my nightmares, table for two? Would you like the embarrassing or humiliation section? Because that’s what it is fucking like to try and be a fan of sports in Wisconsin. Brewers? 0-6. Marquette? Killed by Kansas (and I do mean KILLED). Bucks? They will lose in the first round of the playoffs, IF they make it there to begin with. Badger football? Not likely to be good any time soon. Packers? well, we’ll see how that turns out. I know this is wrong to think, I just know it, but it fucking pisses me off that a bunch of fucking Dockers-wearing, weekend warrior, fair-weather fan Giants fuckers get to cheer their “favorite team” to a 6-0 start while we have to deal with Ned Yost and his merry band of high school starters.

In other, happier news I wrote up the first of many Reviews for the site this weekend. The one I got finished is for the Gamecube’s version of Def Jam Vendetta. It’s my first video game review ever, so take it easy. Frenchy had some agreements and disagreements with it, but he’s allowed to talk shit because he beat the whole damn thing in one night. I’m maybe 20% through the story mode, due mostly to my wedding responsibilities. Next up to review is the new Zelda game. I’ve bought it, but I haven’t had time to play very much of it since Vendetta came out last week. I think Sean is playing it right now, and since I respect his writing ability very much, I am hoping he will write a review for me so I can post it. Please Sean, PLEASE.

I played at Joe’s Casino last weekend and won $40. Not too bad. I’d be willing to go back to that place. The owner is pretty nice, and he even created a user and a bellman profile for us here at whazzmaster.com.

Erin nicely wrote out all the invitations this last weekend. I did my part by going to Best Buy, buying a program to make a map to include in the invitations, getting home and finding out that the installation CD was broken almost in half, going back to Best Buy pissed off, coming home and installing the program, and subsequently finding out that it is a huge piece of shit. Piece. Of. Shit. Period. Do not under any circumstances buy Rand McNally’s StreetFinder & TripMaker Deluxe. It sucks mongoose balls.

Henkel, I got the message you called, and I will call you back tonight. Also, I would like to announce to the world that, according to the voice mail I got last night from Casperson & Kyle, Kyle did 8 weapon cheats in GTA3. I have no idea what that means, but apparently it did happen. If anyone does know what that means, can you please let me know?


16 thoughts on “Oh Brewers

  1. Royce Clayton caught stealing!!! You bitch. Ewaz just came home. He seems strangly uninterested in the Brewer game. Bottom of 9 folks, jobber Mike Dejean is pitching…. I do not feel good anout this…. wait, I;m drunk I feel great… I wish I had 1000 on this game.

  2. Hey Zach, did ya see that the prima-donna Greenberg is already starting fights with Jericho backstage? What a bitch.

  3. Have you read anything on how to earn trophies? I have beat the game on hard and got another wretsler named OMAR. I think its D-Mob’s body guard, what a fuckin let down. I’ve got 38/39 characters and 60/120 photos. I still need 3 trophies and to win with 2 other people (I think I’ll do it on easy for shits sake).

  4. ok, I’m gonna go Ro on y’all and post a bunch of times in a row…

    1. Brewers still winning.
    2. I ordered some chicken fingers from Glass Nic. Way good.
    3. Pffft!

  5. I heard you were a biter, but damn. If you want to hear my new shit, go cop Jay Z’s new album. There might be a ‘So International’ remix on there, but B-Legit and myself aren’t featured on it.

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