Ewaz makes it to the 5th inning

Following post by Ewaz:

So the bus gets there and we leave. I have about four quarts of the nectar of the gods, and we arrive in The Good Land. We get inside just as first pitch goes out. Sometime in the 2nd, I vomit my one food of the day, Delicious brand Sour Cream and Onion potato chips and about a quart of N.O.T.G. all over my feet. Immediately, the only hottie on the trip walks by and tells me that I am disgusting. I head towards the bathroom. I clean up and head to get a hot dog.

Approximately one minute after consuming a beautiful Miller Park dog with secret stadium sauce, I feet purge # 2 heading my way. I make it only as far as a concourse garbage can.

I am now stading there doing the 2:45a.m. drunken piss stance. You know, where you are leaning far too forward and with one hand on the wall, only I have one hand on the garbage can.

An usher, perhaps one hundred years old, approaches me and is talking on a radio. Soon, several brown and khaki clad sherrif’s deputy’s, which I recall from my earlier days dealing with Milwaukee Countys’ finest, are around me asking me what the problem is. I tell them that I had gotten a bad dog. They ask if I have been drinking, and to see my I.D. After a short conversation, where they agree that I am not causing trouble, but because, “Ancient Chester” decided to use the phrase,”disturbance” instead of, “fan vomiting”, they have to escort me out of the park.

I say that I understand, and head towards the bus. Once there, I eat half of a pound of Cheesy Chex Mix, and have a Sierra Mist.

These made for a large, orange semi-circle outside the right rear wheel of said bus.

Al-in-all, I missed one of the best games ever played, A-Roz states, didn’t drink my $40 dollars worth, and felt like shit for five hours.

(I did watch or listen to, at least half of the game, so it counts as offical, and has my total at 3.

9 thoughts on “Ewaz makes it to the 5th inning

  1. Raj, do you like the new Brewers song? Brian hates it, so does Ewaz, but I kinda like it. I do miss the the bluegrass, but you gotta like the trumpets in the new song.

  2. Apologizing for the no comments thing and no posts lately. Work is really crazy this week. We may be going to L.A. this weekend, and madd scientist + L.A. = insane.

  3. Ewaz, thank you for making me laugh with Oregon Trail references. Shit, I just tried to ford the river and my junko wagon sunk.

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