Take Your Kids To Work Day

I am typing this from the computer lab in Bldg. 10 at work. The reason I’m in the computer lab is that for today its the “Marketing Department” for the scavenger hunt Judd is running for Take Our Kids To Work Day. I basically sit and eat licorice while 8 to 11-year olds run in and ask me to give them “products” (empty boxes of our software). Then they take the products to the Usability Lab and get them tested. Then they go to a Sales person to figure out how they will sell it. They also inter-office mail the CEO about their product and get security badges.

Overall pretty fun. I get to act like a marketing dude. My method is to just act as clueless as possible about what’s going on. Just kidding.

Brewers lost in the 12th last night. I’m depressed. Those bastards dropped 2 to the Marlins already. C’mon, Yost, light a fire under someones ass! Brewers pitching: meager.

I sprained my ankle last night playing basketball. Thought I broke it at first, but after icing down all night it felt better. Now I gotta get some ankle braces, my shit is no longer virgin.

Woops, more kids just showed up. Gotta go be marketing again.

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