Tucker Max becomes a star

out of necessity for a new post i’ll put up this shameless plug: tucker max will be on MTV at 10pm EST tonight.

it is for his sex2k show… he just posted his views about the production process here.

he knows i’ll be in chicago this weekend and invited me out with him tomorrow night… problem: rachel is picking me up at the airport at 11:30pm. i might ask for directions and show up with her late, but i really want to get some ass, so probably not. in the mean time i invited him to the brewers game on sunday. me = a few of us will probably be ejected. me + tucker = most decidedly we are all banned. me + tucker + wirkus + eroz + 20 other bumbling idiots = the brewers may leave town.

anyways, watch the show tonight.

to the san hatians, yoooooooooooooooooooooooo, i’m watching the show at my house and drinking like a motherfuck… all are invited.

3 thoughts on “Tucker Max becomes a star

  1. Marc will not be able to attend the bachelor party, as he will be in San Fran that weekend, but he sends his thanks!

  2. Holy jesus, I want to see the Tucker Max Show. From his story, it may be the best all time MTV show ever.

  3. i only remember about 30 minutes of LA, and i posted it a few stories back… chop it in somewhere.

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