Seriously. Fuck San Jose… Seriously.

this post inspired by ro, and brought to you by the letter w.

san jose is most definately problematic on both sides of the sex plane in the club scene. the girls are snotty ignorant bitches, the guys are ignorant… just ignorant. the bitches blow off all the guys to show how powerful and “independant” they are, and the guys hit on every single girl with the same line such as “where you goin girl”. WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU THINK SHE IS GOING? HOME. AWAY FROM YOU.

this attitude is not just at the club scene… it stems from the city as a whole. the bay area as a whole. the attitude is why it costs me $200 for a nice meal. the attitude is why i pay $2100 in rent. the attitude is the reason i have to drive a $40k car or be made fun of by coworkers. the attitude is why my friends ask if i am wearing the right shoes to go out drinking instead of how much beer is on my shirt already. the attitude is to blame for all. you aren’t better than a pile of my saved up turtle shit because your change of address form read “bay area california”. you deserve no special treatment or consideration from me.

why, then, is this area still attracting so many new people? i too once looked wide eyed at cali as a glory land of money and women. then i later found out that the money i make must go back into the city by way of taxes and higher cost of living, and the girls are all loney bitch dykes that play tunes on their dildo every night singing about how much better they are then everyone else. no, bitch, i am better than everyone else, me alone. oh, and lose some weight, fatty. people like me get pissed off and move away constantly… the problem is that foreigners and wide eyed entrepeneurs still see this area as fruitful and pile in by the boatload. god damn i hate san jose so much.

i have a few options:
1) leave san jose
2) milk it until i go crazy

right now i’m going with #2… at least until my milking can be done elsewhere over the same network of networks that powers our own whazzmaster. at that point i’m high tailing back to madison for a simpler life as a lucrative internet businessman such as my hero pud from… god damn i love pud.

madison is always a welcome new home. frenchy has been hyping pheonix… maybe i’ll check that out for a year. tucker has been hyping austin (he is moving there on friday and managing a bar)… maybe its austin in 2005. Vegas is DEFINATELY on my list of maybes. a craps dealer can really live like a king out there. anyone can live like a king out there. my new late night airport buddy steve was going back home to vegas, and during our 2 hours of drinking at the airport bar (zach, way more than me and you drank… this guy was crazy) he taught me all about how to live in vegas for fun and profit. those are my 4 choices. my plan as of right now is pay off the car, build 40k in savings, 20k in 401k, sell a lot of my shit and move to one of the above destinations and live off of internet income. my life will be so happy then.

again, ro, you are wrong. fuck san jose. oh, and if you’re down with san jose… fuck you too. god damn it.

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  1. I know what Ro is saying and I do try to make the most of it, hence the constant drinking and partying.

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