calling out the A team

ok… the scientist is making a request to the whazzmaster A team.

i need some talented graphic designers and writers to help me with some shit and be fully compensated for their effort.

first off, i have a site that provides people statistical analysis of poker hands. i just tricked it out and i’m ready to go live with it. i need some graphics for the main page… about 6 200×200 images describing a simple action like “view all players”, or “open pivot table report”. i could describe further what colors and shit i’d like.

second, encourages drug use to todays youth. on the front page i have a rotating set of about 300 poorly written paragraphs stabbing at a chance for humor. most of them suck. if you have it in your heart to write a funny paragraphs about any or all of the drugs listed on the site, please do so in the comments below.

third, is still in production. any graphics or layout ideas would be appreciated. if you have any input on how the moderation and battles will go, please post below.

thanks a lot A team. after ewaz is famous i’ll make a page just for him… how about

WITHIN THE WEEK A POLL WILL BE POSTED REQUESTING A YES OR NO VOTE TO HAVE G.M.C. COME BACK TO WHAZZ. this poll is a career match. the final vote determines the future of G.M.C. MY GOOOOODDDD.

27 thoughts on “calling out the A team

  1. I want to drink vodka with your lady. I hope I can visit sunny California soon. Do they have Diego Rivera at the San Jose Museum of Art?

  2. Of all the places to go in the Bay Area, why on earth would you want to go to the San Jose Art Museum? At the very least go to the SFMOMA and see nice things.

  3. OHHH. I always thought of him as a Steven. Not a Steph-ahn. You can tell him I said that too.

  4. current status:
    winning skrillz on pokerroom
    drunk as christ
    nervous about tomorrow night dying from alcohol

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