I did a great thing

Today I did a great thing: I killed a rat. So I’m outside reading “The Dangerous Summer” by Ernesto Hemingway when Fancyface starts screaming because she sees a rat. For some time know this rat has been bothering her when she takes smoke breaks. I tell her not to worry and run inside to get my bb gun. It’s a custom-made co2 pistol with high tech laser scope. I bought the thing with my financial aid money a few years ago. The rat sees me with the gun and is like, “Oh shit! Dudes got a gun!” And he runs under our neighbor’s car. I get down on my belly, line the little red dot right on the bastard’s nose, and shoot. The bb ricochets off the car’s tire and almost gets me. The laser isn’t calibrated, so I do it the old fashioned way. I take aim, fire 12 shots and kill the rat dead. This is the first rat that I’ve ever killed. THE END

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