My Other Post Is A Mercedes

I was all hyped about writing this long and unique post about the Pay-Per-View on Sunday, but the more I got bogged down with work, the less I remembered. Therefore, I will just whazz some random shit onto the page for this post in order to keep things timely.

We went ot the PPV on Sunday (Judgement Day) and it was pretty fun, though the fun was dampered a bit by getting forced to go to some cokehead’s house afterwards where he proceeded to fuck his girlfriend while Madd watched cartoon porn. All of the matches sucked, but we got kind of drunko and in my first ever attempt at playing Golden Tee 2004 I had -16 going into hole 18 (par 5) when I whazzed into the water going for an eagle and sank my final score to -12. I was pissed off. Rock Chalk can tell you.

We’ve been doing a lot of wedding stuff lately. Got the DJ situation under control, and we started receiving gifts last week I believe. Thanks VERY much for your gifts, KML! They are so fucking sweet. We’re burning the CDs for the favors on a nightly basis. You’d think it wouldn’t take long to burn 300 CDs. You’d be wrong. Retaining my sanity, I can get about 10 done per day (15 if I’m very committed). I have a good method where I sit on my couch with my laptop, and play Zelda while I burn CDs. The burninating gets multi-tasked with reading the Zelda Walkthrough.

In line with Sean’s mini-review of Zelda, I think it is a great game, though a bit on the easy side. I’m pretty sure I’m about halfway through at this point.

Ooops, several more wedding announcements:

1. If you haven’t returned the RSVP card yet: please do it. Most people on the site have done so, but we still have over 100 that haven’t. We need better counts, and way more people than expected have declined at this point.
2. For those in the bridal party: my mom will be sending out invitations to the Rehearsal Dinner for Friday night. Please return these as soon as you get them. I expect all of you to be there. Seven words: HAWAIIAN THEME AND SERVE YOUR OWN LIQUOR.

Maybe I’ll post more later, but I’m going to be really busy today. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: What would an editor at the New York Times say if he were to review a job application/body of work submission by Daniel Fucking Hinkel?

23 thoughts on “My Other Post Is A Mercedes

  1. Hopefully good taste will prevail and that jackass will wind up writing for the Moose Jaw Times up in Canada.

  2. brewers are up 10-0 and Jenkins is up to bat with a chance at Brewer history. MY GAWD!

  3. Thank you very much Cal for exposing my pettiness by posting this after my Hooters rant. Didacticism?

  4. Zach – can you make that a real link, like where you click and it just goes to the website?

  5. Fuck you. I just had a super meal at Hooters. Damn it was good. The only bad thing: on the way out the door I stubbed my boner. Ouch!

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