i too tite

the lyrical draught is over…
makin your bitch wet like my name was casanover
so get ready cause my styles no misnomer
i’ll beat yall neck deep in 4 leaf clovas
say it with a smile, i say it with a glock
and you creap in denial while i creap down your block
never stop rollin as tommy comes out the ride
5 mile an hour as your homie tommy dies
mad cries, then you realize the situation
the scientist just declared that hes a hatian.


50 thoughts on “i too tite

  1. raj, I have some great pics from our last night out in Ray town. The one of Bellgirl, Jen, me and shots is A+. So is the one of me, Bellgirl, three Dan Rathers and you.

  2. I may be a rookie to the art of drunk dialing and i bow to the mastery of Frenchy and Madd but I have to admit it is one of the most funnest past times in memory (this is 5 minutes I got of the phone drunk dialing Luke and Zach)

  3. Chistine aint my girl, I didn’t pay for shit! She did leave with bill and her group though. Judd and I went by Iguanas met up with her then headed to Agenda and she went to Cabanas to see another friend. You know girls got to keep all there options open. Thanks frenchy for inviting out that dumb bitch Janet. Dickhead! lol

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