wisco women are easy

I would not by any means say that I was a player in college. Sure i got my share of vaginal refreshment, but I knew people much more versed in the ways of the boobed ones.

Moving out to california was like a AA ball player getting bumped up to the pro league of macking. These 2.5 years have been interresting, and after my trip back to the big W last weekend, I can definately say I’ve learned a few things.

Adjusting my game to the cali-trick ho mentality has honed my skillz to an almost unfair state with the amateur midwestern woman. Going back to wisco was like Derek Jeter hitting off a tee ball stand in my backyard (where hitting over the garage is an automatic homerun…). It simply wasn’t fair.

Over the course of 10 hours I had a minimum of 5 women offer full on magic stick swabbin free of charge. I had half of racine using the term “skrillionaire”… such as “that guy over there in the tux and bling bling chains rockin the rolex… he’s a skrillionaire, i’m going to hook him up with my sister”. Seriously.

Frenchy, its the promised land that our grandmas used to read us stories about. Its the players mecca. Its wisconsin.

A few of the wisconsin men used to hitting off the tee ball stand might not even understand what I’m talking about. They never saw the need to hone and refine their skillz. They simply plopped the wiffle ball over the garage a few times a month and were content. Seriously, the wisco game is childs play. So lets find us some children next weekend. Holla.

62 thoughts on “wisco women are easy

  1. All you bad ass dudes better watch yourself here cause daddy is home tonight! Let’s show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. And how come you got all those clock ticks to be spending here when you never call your mommy Mikey?

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