Maybe You Heard? There Was A Party This Weekend

This ain’t the post your looking for. The post you’re looking for has yet to be written. It has yet to be designed and formatted. You want to know why? Mainly it’s because I did so damn much this weekend that I don’t remember clear situations. I’ve got approximately 400 pictures from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (plus a little bit of Monday).

For those of you who don’t know, our Sunday 6pm flight out of Madison was canceled due to an Act of God, and so we stayed another night there and flew out at 6am Monday instead. Somebody called it the Bachelor Party Bonus Track night, so we decided to fucking live it up and get our asses out there for another night of drinking before flying back to TCS reports and such. Oh yeah, I’ve got pictures of that too. Bottom line: this morning we had to be ON THE AIRPORT SHUTTLE at 5AM, and we went to sleep sometime between 3AM and 3:30AM. I slept all 5 or so hours we were in flight, and when I was in the Detroit airport standing on a moving walkway taking me from one plane to the next, I really felt like Edward Norton in Fight Club where he starts seeing things due to his insomnia. It was very dreamlike.

Oh yeah, to those who don’t know, Madd Scientist now has a foil. She’s the Vagg Scientist. nuff said.

So, to wrap this pre-post b party post up, I’m sending out a call to all of you who saw me at some point this weekend. Post below a story about something that happened with me during my stay in Madison. I’ll compile, and edit all the posts you guys make, add my own observations and some pictures, and VOILA. There you go.

Thanks for a great time Madison. I’ll be back, but next time I’ll have a wife who can wildout.

–whazz on

PS– GrAnD mAsTa CaSpA is back. Where you at, dawg?
PPS– Madd Scientist had a ~SMELL! to him this morning. It was a ~BAD SMELL~.

21 thoughts on “Maybe You Heard? There Was A Party This Weekend

  1. You ever notice that when we post something after a big event (Vegas), a hush falls over Like that silence right before a hooker takes a piss on you? Thanks Dave Attell.

  2. when I turned into the vajj scientist I got to where the bling, it was one of the happiest moments in my whole life.

  3. Cal, you never come down anymore anyways. Get off your SF ass and come down to Sizan Matizzo.

  4. I added the extra g for annunciation purposes, and Frenchy Cow tipping is one of those things that I have always secretly wanted to do, so count me in.

  5. Erin, thanks for the invite BUT I have to baby sit my little cousin that night. I was begged to do it (ON A FRIDAY NIGHT OF ALL NIGHTS) so I just said what the hell!.. sorry!

  6. Hey Vagg Scientist, let me hear you say holla so i can count you in officially for the cow tipping. Right now the count is at 3 and rising. Holla.

  7. thats only half a cow…and he tips over on his own when he drinks, which will make it hella easy for me.

  8. Jen, how could i practice on a dog…now thats just mean and it sleeps laying down. I have taken the calf into consideration though. The waking up thing is debatable.

  9. Also I am working on two seperate posts about my view on the weekend, one by bellgirl and one b8y the vag scientist. I hope that this new identity doesn’t precipitate a personality disorder.

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