Holy Shit, I’m Getting Married

Erin and me were talking earlier this evening and she turned to me and said, “Do you know what 3 weeks from today is?” “No,” I said. “We’re getting married!” she responded.

Holy shit, dude.

It just fucking ran up on me like that. I’ve been thinking so much about paying for the thing and planning the thing that I kind of forgot about the thing itself. So now the question is, how much weirder does it get? Katie and Brian? Timmer and Fancyface? Henkel and Katie? What do you have say for yourselves? Any reflections, advice, or general butter-dickery for me?

My personal prediction: I’m gonna freak out a little more before fliying back to Wisconsin, but once we touch down in Milwaukee we’re going to be so busy that I won’t have time to do anything but pay for things with my credit card and argue with my parents about who’s sitting at what table for the reception.

Fucking Attention: Any fucking motherfucker who hasn’t been fitted for his motherfucking tux yet, get your fucking ass to the fucking Gingiss store and get fit-fucking-ted ASAP. This is my nightmare.

Anyone who hasn’t gotten their hotel room yet, I think the block is closed now, but you could probably still squeeze a room in if you need it.

DUDE, I AM GETTING MARRIED 3 WEEKS FROM TODAY. Do you fuckers not realize what that sentence means?! Do you even comprehend what that entails? You gotta call my ass Mr. Moneypenny now. And I get to call you a ho.

I think I’ll have more to say about this over the next 2 weeks.

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31 thoughts on “Holy Shit, I’m Getting Married

  1. Wirkus, I think each of the groomsmens tuxes is $129.22 (I think that includes taxes and shit). Mine is free and the fathers of the bride and groom are discounted.

  2. Wirkus, the man got back to me, and my wishes have been satisfied. No money down, no payments until November– yee-haw. And to everyone else… pfffftt.

  3. ok I just about finished my post and like a dumbass, I hit the back button and it got erased. The world will never know my misery

  4. Zach, how come this problem has not been rectified? This is becoming a tertiary repeatable issue. We do not have all day to deal w/ your shenanigans. Please re-examine your priorities & get on top of this immediately. Over & hopefully out.

  5. guy at work caught that too… yes, i need $13 bucks and change. help a baller out.

  6. I like how scott only works for a minute a day while trundling around whazzmaster. HaHa, pussy!

  7. that was our old stomping ground… wednesdays i think they have karaoke. they do close at like 9:18pm or something janky, so preparty = 4pm.

  8. whatever madd.. they close at 1:00 or 1:30 dumbass! Its fun dude. Your asses need to mix it up anywyas, you guys are playing downtown OUT!

  9. Zach, we have a problem in the Bellman Profile sector. It appears to be inaccurate when forwarding one to the Bellman’s most recent post…it seems to forward it to when you were thuggin like Pac in September of 2002. Also, comments appear to be lacking within that blog. Over & out.

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