Good News Gang!

I just renewed the domain for 3 years. So you’d better get all the posting out of your system now, because in just 3 years *poof* you won’t be able to do shit. Boo-yah.

34 thoughts on “Good News Gang!

  1. Haha. Very funny; you have the same sense of humor as the kids in the remedial spanish classes in inner city Atlanta that Rachel substitutes for.

  2. Thanks Zach!!! Looks like I am going to have to go shopping this weekend, my neon orange cancun party dress might make the dress code.

  3. yo your matsui and they yankees got rained out today… i think that just puts your streak on hold til tomorrow…

  4. bellgirl will be showing her breasts every 8 minutes on the jumbotron.

  5. not me you drunk dumbass however i do like the fakers attempt at bolding your name though. bold cal out. hi bellgirl.

  6. Leskanic = traded to the Royals for 2 minor league dudes. (AAA Pitcher, AA 2nd baseman)

  7. Yeah, you shoulda seen her in her pajamas drinking water at the bar last night. I was all like, Whoa girl!, you gotta work in the moring. Take it easy…

  8. he did it again! eric young went one for four. i saved you you asshole. you would have had Jaques Jones and your streak would have ended . my dude went 0 for four. again.

  9. oh i love curtis leskanic old number double 0. bladdy blu i’m the scientist i heart cal. here is my battle rap:

    cal is so cool
    he makes me drool
    his rapping takes me to school

  10. Mean people suck,
    nice people swallow.
    I’m nice.

    Ask Ben, my fuckin date to the wedding
    Cuzz together, we be letting

    each other do dirty trix
    like licking eachothers dix.

    Lemme hear you whazzers holla “I C U P”
    That is what Ben says when we’re in matrimony

  11. Holla at a playa…..
    1. Here’s something completely out of the blue that Jenny just reminded me about…. Zach, remember when i came to visit you freshman year, and me, you, jenny, and erin were watching some horror movie w/ trolls in a forest, and Jenny said (and i believe this to be a direct quote),
    “Damn, I bet trolls could grow some bomb-ass weed!”
    Holy shit, that has to be in the top ten funniest things ever said….
    2. So far, so good on BTS – I’m already up to one.
    3. I’m still debating leaving tonight or tomorrow for Racine, and to go to summerfest… right now i’m 50/50…. if anyone thinks they could sway me one way or another, blow up my celly (612.382.8319) and tell me why
    4. Here a new phrase for all true skrillionaires to start bitting… Madd, that means you…. if someone is ruining a conversation tell them to “Stop E.C.’ing the Convo” -> ie., putting the electric chair to the conversation” -> ie., killing the conversation…. bite wisely.

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