T-Minus One Week

What’s up erryone out there? Flew into Milwaukee yesterday morning at about 6:40am. We flew out of SFO at 11:45pm night prior. The weird thing when we got to the airport was that the Midwest Express desk just wasn’t there. It looked like a wrecking ball had knocked it out of our universe and into a parallel land where Cal could pick the right batter in Beat the Streak. Anyways, the reason that I like to fly out Midwest out of SFO is that it has a tiny check-in desk with one guy working it. It never has a line, you just walk up, hand him your shit, and away you go. What with the desk being not there and all, though, we were directed to wait in the US Airways line with people who didn’t know what a boarding pass was, or that there were such things as lines and people should stand in them. Also, at one point 4 skeletons strode up with their 2000 bags for their migration flight to somewhere hot, and I exclaimed, “At least the cast of Coccoon brought enough bags.” Erin yelled at me because I was using my outside voice, to which I responded, “Well, if Skeletor and his family want to skip the line with their bags of god-knows-what, then I guess that’s their deal.”

We connected in one of those fanciful far-off crazy airports that you always read about in the Kansas City Tribune but never actually go to. The plane we were on was the one continuing to Milwaukee so we were allowed to stay on while the refueled, which was good because I was in the middle of sleeping.

We got off the plane and promptly walked into a thunderstorm with 60mph winds. Nice.

Now here is my Racine 4th of July Parade Review: craptacular. Imagine two and a half hours of people walking and waving, 5 groups of cars straight out of The Fast and the Furious, 3 marching bands, some dancers, and about 3 floats. If I was a kid I would have wanted to shoot myself.

Fireworks were prtty good, and that brings us to this morning, wherein I sit at my parent’s computer to find out that my Beat The STreak is up 11. If Raul Ibanez can get the job done today, and then Magglio Ordonez the next day. I’ll be shaping up pretty good as far as the ol’ streak goes.

–whazz on

16 thoughts on “T-Minus One Week

  1. No can do wirkus, unlike everyone else who lives out here, i have nothing to do with computer soft/hardware & websites. Sorry.

  2. also, after finally losing there would probably be enough money in the account to do it all again for free. we just need the one miracle 30 game streak. who is throwing in the middle?

  3. four score and blady blu my great great great grandpappy signed the Declaration of Independence.

    I was named after good ole grandad, but I’m just a simple southern girl from Georgia, the product of incest and inbreeding, who takes it all off Saturday nights at the VFW bar on Main Street.

    I bet I wouldn’t even have this here career if it weren’t for grandad’s famous name….or would I?

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