Life i$ too $hort. get married while you can.

holla back whazzers. been a while since i hip hopped atcha, but the man has really be grindin me down.

o’hare pickup has been confirmed at 5:30am by popcorn scientist… no, not orville, i am referring to my paternal parent. after that, get showered up, put on my bling and start drinking. the way i see it, outdoor wedding means everything becomes an acceptible vomit/piss recepticle. ah, nature.

i am gearing up for the weekend by getting drunk every night because even people out here are beginning to refer to “the old madd scientist” in a derogatory fashion. fucking racists.

if you didn’t know (as i didn’t until 2 days ago) popcorn kristo sold our family business and all the fame and glory that went with selling fried beef at the same location for a great great pimps lifetime. what does this mean?
1) i can’t get extra super fat for free on my trips to wisconsin with 47 free double cheeseburgers.
2) we can’t go there in between the wedding and the reception.
fucking racists.

i spell checked this in a drunken state 4 times. i am too tite.

32 thoughts on “Life i$ too $hort. get married while you can.

  1. easly little fella!!! Chill out!!! From what I heard they will have ^Chilli^ and soup thats great!!

  2. Also at the Brewer game Moneypenny and I ate 2 brats, 1 hotdog, 1 beef nacho grande, 1 bag of peanuts, 1 chocolate sundae with nuts, whipped creme and a cherry, and 1 strawberry sundae no nuts, whipped creme and a cherry. Oh my insides are thanking me for all that shit.

  3. Wirkuswhazz, how on earth did you find that 20 people of the 29 registered whazzers like talking about Brewers?

  4. By the way Madd, instead of going to Kewpees btwn the wedding & reception, we can now go cow tipping…problem solved.

  5. BTW I think cow tipping has to happen at night when they (C.O.W.S.) are sleepin. in heathers they do it at night. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS WEEKEND!

  6. Finally the Brewers are getting some national coverage, but thats only due to the sausage incident.

  7. “soup on the menu”…
    SOUP ON THE MENU???!!!!
    Madd, who is this guy and what does he think he’s doing playing god w/ your precious little diner??? He’s only worked there for like 15 years, you gotta have atleast a couple years of burger-flippin’ experience on his ass…. what’s next, they gonna start serving jalapeno poppers?!

  8. Ms. Ro- Cal is not making stuff up, I really had 2.16 walks per nine in 2001. You know, I just got called back up from AAA ball and am only 1-11 with an 8.61 ERA, so i could use some support for my first game back tonight against the pirates.
    Coincidentally, my lone win was april 8 against the pirates. C’MON R YA JOKING ME!

  9. why didn’t I make the All Star team? Cuz I’m so ugly or because I suck 🙁

    Ro, you still love me, right?

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