You Thought You Were Rid Of Me

…for a week at least. But I’m stopped off at my parents for a while before shipping back to Cali, and from there to Hawaii for a week, so I decided to junk a small post out there for the world.

We’ll do this thug thizzzle in Wedding List Format:

1. Thanks everyone who was able to attend for flying in from near or far. My personal opinion: Best. Wedding. Ever. Great weather, great booze availability, and Jen’s Mom dragging a perplexed Scott around the room to introduce the “rich, tall, and single” man to her daughter.
2. You guys get the first virtual thanks for all the gifts that were given. We’re doing hand-written Thank You’s when we get back, but I just wanted to say that overall the gifts were fantastic and we really appreciate everything.
3. The Breakfast Club was pretty fun. Lots of breakfast meats and coffee were had by all.
4. My opinion: barrels of High Life at the reception were a hit.
5. I’m taking a week or so off from Beat The Streak.
6. If you look at the poll (currently at left) entitled “What to do on your wedding night”, the ultimate winner was the first choice.
7. My brother was junko at the reception.

That’s all for now. I’ll of course have pictures of the affair when we get back from the honeymoon. Until then I want to keep on truckin, so I’ll leave story posting in the capable hands of Grand Masta Caspa, wirkuswhazz, and the Madd Scientist. Madd, post some of your pictures if you want (espcially the “Y’all been zapped!” one). Wirkus, post some of yours if you want (send them to madd).

I’m out for now. I’ll try to post from Maui in the hotel (just for the novelty of it).

Thanks again. R U JOKIN ME?!

Mr. and Mrs. Zachery Moneypenny

3 thoughts on “You Thought You Were Rid Of Me

  1. Now that that’s done….. I’ll be in the middle of nowhere (more specifically Spring Green, 1 hr. east of Madison) for the next three days, so don’t expect any more replies until then… oh yeah, and to Zach and Erin M…. B.W.O.A.T.

  2. Madd Scientist,
    Bitch, who you gonna dis?
    I done toe’ you up before,
    so why you still tryin’ this?
    This battle was over before it even started,
    cuz my skillz are P.H.D., while you shit’s so retarted.
    First I took your ass to school up in the Marriott,
    then I did that shit again standing at your parking spot.
    You know you cannot play with me, instead just hit rewind,
    and recall the way I made you cry on your handicapped sign.
    That’s right – my steez is so tight and my skillz are so nice,
    that in 12 bars I call you out as ‘capped not once, not twice, but thrice….


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