Back in the Saddle Again

Your soundtrack for today’s blog is No letting Go by Wayne Wonder and Ayo for Yayo by Andre Nickatina.

Hola, amigos. It’s been a while since I rapped atcha, so I just figured I’d take up some space while collating all of the pictures from the best wedding ever. I’ll probably end up doing a couple of wedding post overall, but we’re going to do something special with one of them (can’t tell you yet, though).

Erin and I had a great time in Maui. We didn’t really plan anything, just kind of woke up each day and said, “First, eat breakfast, second, what are we doing today?” It ended up as a good strategy, espcially after I overheard some family talking to each other at breakfast one day saying, “OK, first we have to drive to Hana, but we have to be there by noon for our lunch reservations, but we have to be back at 4pm for Kid’s Fun Extravaganza, and then it’s off to the luau, which we have to leave early to get our mustaches waxed.” Fuck all that, I’m having another vodka & tonic. Also, even though we didn’t plan much ahead of time, we still got to do some cool stuff like drive around in nature in the rain forest, and then another day drive up to the top of a volcano. I tended to like just driving somewhere and getting out and walking around in nature more than going to some crowded place and fighting through a mob to go snorkel and look at some fish (and drink a gallon of seawater when my snorkel tube dipped too far into the water).

I think one of the highlights of the trip was the dinners we got to eat. We went all over the island to different places, and they just have some fucking fantastic restaurants there. We had sushi a couple of times, steak one night, we did a luau and got some pig meat, and we went to Mama’s Fish House for the delicious Opakapaka fish. Anyone who likes meat: Ruth’s Chris Steak House is A++, and they’re a chain so you can find them in a lot of places.

I hate Hertz Rent-A-Car.

As I said in my comment on the last story, there was a DJ in Hawaii who called himself the M-A-Double-D Hatter. We’ll have to go back through the 98.3FM archives to see who got to the Double-D first, the Scientist or the Hatter.

Much more to come, just thought I’d share a few thoughts.

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30 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. brief sidenote for jen…zach called me out three times & rachel once. you were quick yourself to magically materialize after blank post called you out; therefore, anon is jen & someone else. i had a dream about it last nite where you admitted it. sorry.

  2. it was also funny how i mentioned running a train at the wedding and frenchy and jen both showed up…

  3. perhaps the people who i called throughout the nite (i think the latest was about 5:30 EST) can fill me in on what i did last nite…

  4. some fav haiku’s:

    Written By: Zachery
    Brewers! Brewers! Why?
    Eleven game losing streak.
    I had such high hopes

    Written By: Zachery
    “haiku,” drones the man,
    “the essence of poetry,
    like butter for souls.”

    Written By: Ewaz
    Hello. I’m Eros.
    It’s a PLEASURE to meet you.
    Say, do you IBank?

    Written By: K-car
    if your former band
    appeared in Rolling Stone then
    you’d be bitter, too

    Written By: Wirkuswhazz
    Lil’ Herc, my new friend,
    eight year old monstrosity
    a curious chap

    Written By: Madd Scientist
    where is my money?
    the bank gave me a G right?
    might have counted wrong?

    Written By: Jen
    Weekend with the fam
    maybe I’ll come back crazy
    maybe? no, for sure

  5. MAYBE I’m nameless because my jokes are so horrible that I’m too ashamed to reveal my true identity….perhaps a trend that should be followed by certain other whazzers?

  6. Is anybody going to be around Racine on August 15-17? The Moneypennys will be in town for the wedding of Ms. Lindsay Smith & Mr. Aaron Banman, if anyone wants to get together. Hope you’re all having a great day!

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