One of These Things Don’t Belong: A Contest

Let’s play a game!

Wirkuswhazz and Bellgirl spent the weekend at a cottage in Crandon, WI with her family. A good time was had by all, but which one of these things DID NOT happen during this North Woods Adventure?

1. Bellgirl’s Great Uncle Denny, a former bullpen coach for the Milwaukee Brewers, bought Wirkuswhazz a 12 pack of High Life.

2. Bellgirl’s father dressed up as Elvis and sang Karaoke at a neighbor’s pig roast.

3. Bellgirl and Wirkuswhazz had a fight in a bar called The Wild Rose because Wirkuswhazz paid 5$ for a chance to win a shotgun.

4. In a late night drunken game of Pit, Bellgirl’s father enraged Bellgirl’s aunt with his incessant bell ringing.

5. Bellgirl’s sisters and aunt wouldn’t shut up about the size of Bellgirl’s boobs.

6. Crandon, WI celebrated Kentuck Days: A celebration of all things Kentucky.

7. Bellgirl and her sister Liz started a scene when a roving band of teenagers on four wheelers discovered them sun bathing topless.

Ok. All you have to do to play is login and post your answer. The name of each whazzer who correctly answers this question will be put in a hat, and one lucky player will win a set of authentic bendable Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausages! This contest ends at 3:00 p.m. CST on Tuesday July 29th. It is ok to change your answer, you must be logged-in to play, so you schleps (Oneil, Ewaz, Kristen, ect.) who visit this site but don’t have whazzmaster accounts need to get one if you want a chance at the racing weiners. It’s free and easy, so do it already. Any whazzer who was in Crandon, WI this weekend is ineligible for this contest. Did I mention the sausages are bendable? What R U waiting for? Get Postin’!

56 thoughts on “One of These Things Don’t Belong: A Contest

  1. Madd, get your facts straight. I’d had WAAAY more than 2 drinks at that point.

    Zac: I eat the turkey. None of that tofurkey bullshit.

  2. i been gone for a while
    back w/ an upside down smile
    feelin maniacal, droppin rhymes worthwhile
    KATIE’s rhyme style killed MADD like south park kyle
    when i’m done, throw up one arm & say ‘S Fitty heil’
    imma have fun, clean your girls pipes like roto rooter
    you’re done, so hop on your foot powered no moto scooter
    when i call jenny, i’m usually sippin henny
    now i got ANGELA’s numba, slept w/ her for less than a penny
    girls, i get plenty, but you don’t hear me laughin
    if i see you, i’m gafflin, dick so big, only get half in
    now we got 3 bold bitches goin for broke
    but they rhymes iza joke, like Bush not snortin coke
    KATIE’s shit played like vanilla ice havin a roni
    talkin big balonie, stick to your kraft cheeze & macaroni
    KATIE unbold?…is it a phonie, like Sonee
    at the wedding she was part of a gang bang
    in a 64.5 mustang, suckin shit like dracula’s fang
    gonna switch lane, flip the sript, callout RO’s name
    jockin the cowboys game…they gonna finish last againe
    JEN gettin all political, nader critical in her 1st battle
    next day analyzin & apologizin, goin upstream w/ no paddle
    get back on the saddle & drop somethin doper
    treat her like cattle, get outta hand & rope ‘er
    gettin out here for thanksgiving?…might be a noper
    too badd a public servant make minimum wage
    ain’t nobody whazzin, thought i’d insite rage
    get people spazzin like 2 starved dogs inna cage
    so step to plate & try to top my sage

  3. again: wow. i take it back already.

    so i guess that means like… mad:

    Main Entry: vit·ri·ol
    Pronunciation: ‘vi-trE-&l
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Medieval Latin vitriolum, alteration of Late Latin vitreolum, neuter of vitreolus glassy, from Latin vitreus vitreous
    Date: 14th century
    1 a : a sulfate of any of various metals (as copper, iron, or zinc); especially : a glassy hydrate of such a sulfate b : OIL OF VITRIOL
    2 : something felt to resemble vitriol especially in caustic quality; especially : virulence of feeling or of speech

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