Whatcha Gonna Do, When Bladdy Blu Comes For You?

Wow, lots of messages of late. Wirkus should have his award-winning Contest Results tomorrow, but until then I wanted to drop a couple of links:

Here is Tucker Max’s Daily Journal, where soon I believe the beloved Madd Scientist will be making an appearence.

In case you’re interested, this is where I’ve been playing golf lately.

Judd told me to do a review of Bad Boys II, so I’ll get right on that.

So far the confirmed guest list for Thanksgiving is RAJ, Rock Chalk, Wirkuswhazz, Bellgirl, and Madd Scientist. Extremely probables are Cal. Probables are Greg, Rita, and Cheryl. Maybes are Jen, Rachel, and Grand Masta Caspa(?). I’ll have to call GMC about this, I don’t even know if he wants to.

That’s it, whazzers, just a quick Pfffft before Wirkus’ grand annoucement tomorrow.

–whazz on

9 thoughts on “Whatcha Gonna Do, When Bladdy Blu Comes For You?

  1. tucker wants a freestyle show i guess. today i rapped about my dick in the shower to practice…… only problem is it was sooooo long.

  2. if its sooooo long, you musta been talkin about the length of the freestyle time-wise….& not your dick.

  3. i thought there was only one meaning…and that being the length of the rap…go touch your own man-boobs…fag.

  4. thankfully frenchy created an escape hatch to said phonebooth the other night…. hows the wounds healin fitty?

  5. I swear to god I thought Timmah was Tim Gehrmann until I just read these posts. Thanks for the call Casperson – it was good to talk to you again!!!

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