the M to the A to tha C to tha D to tha R to tha E

thats right folks, madd and frenchy took a little rap field trip to see Mac Drizzle at the Spizzle last night.

i can easily describe the audience as “mexican gangsta”. one of the headliners “mobfia” had their mom out giving away condoms, lube and stir sticks trying to sell their CD. gangsta.

i didn’t think it was possible, but mac dre may have done a shorter set than nickatina. he came out said, “mothafuckas, i’m mac……” then he left. well at least thats all i remember… some nice boys decided to share their homemade cigarettes with me and everything after that was a tad cloudy.

i guess we went to jack in the box after… i can’t even imagine what a completely krunko and hungry scientist did in that place.

rach-ho magically appeared at some point, took me home, and i woke up next to a couple of free samples of lube on my nightstand. i bet i performed like a stallion.

UPDATE, rach-ho does not have pink eye. I can aim, unlike Ro’s man.

4 thoughts on “the M to the A to tha C to tha D to tha R to tha E

  1. O’neil, send me an email. Fishing is on for next weekend. I’m planning on leaving here Friday and fishing friday night through Monday. Timmer, Brandon, Wirkus, et. al. This is a trout fishing expedition. If you are afraid of walking around in the wilderness or are too high and mighty to be seen with someone using a fly rod (Wirkus), don’t waste my motherfucking time.

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