ok, all you newly addicted battle rappers. please use this thread as the end all be all of ideas for

this will also serve as an exercise for threaded discussion. there is no law that says you have to post on the latest topic. post on the topic that your post is relavent to. if you are talking about the night with tucker, go post there. if you just remembered that 9 months ago you had sex with GMC and that its probably his baby, try the current poll out for size. if you just realized that you had sex with GMC at the wedding, then you have a choice of the poll or the wedding post. if you aren’t going to give advice for please just post somewhere else. i will delete unrelated posts and then replaced them with posts by you that say, “I AM DUMB AND CAN’T FOLLOW DIRECTIONS”. unless, of course, you have nice tits. then, as society has decided, you can do whatever you want.

i’ll post a couple of really old emails to start the discussion.

designers: look at this page and tell me what you think. in fact, everyone go there. NOW.

as always, suck a dick, BIIIII-ATTTCCHHHHH.


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  1. One thing about the style sheets: I think the navi links should not underline when you mouse over them. TD color change: yes. Text underline: no. That is all for now.

  2. whatever fag, at least hunter would have defended himself when he got popped in the nose.

  3. I just found out that my new apartment is across the street from the bishop, I am neighbors with the BISHOP, the same one that saw the strippers at the Concourse!!!!

  4. sucks cock. The main page stays black while you navigate in a tiny pop-up window?! What the shit?

  5. Guess who I saw this weekend? Mr. Moneypenny he was telling me all about the wedding. I saw him at the Greater Mlwaukee Hotel-Motel golf outing. It was a blast. Zach you should buy your dad a cook ware set. He says that he really needs it. He wanted to win this set really bad but alas he didn’t. Zach are you coming up to Madison in Aug. when you are back? Let me know

  6. SDS, peterstiffly…who is going to the super bowl this year?

    GMC, zach…elimination chamber, your thoughts?

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