A Little Sumthin-Sumthin For The Fans

You know, the REAL fans out there who come to this site only for my writing. Madd Scientist: I hereby order you to write posts longer than

went drankin last night. scott pissed on an electric fence. don’t remember nuthin. holla.

Grand Masta Caspa, I hereby order you to write posts about being a bouncer. You have stories that must be told. Use college writing skills to entertain me.

Wirkuswhazz, I hereby order you to give me a story post about something. I liked the mud wrestling post. Go out around town and find something that’s happening, and then report back. Or, tell the story of the night you put a rock in Scubby’s mouth. Just make sure it’s a story post.

Judd’s going to Los Angelos this weekend, and as much as I want to go and repeat last times’ activities, I keep having this feeling like the first was the best and anything after will just feel like its boring. Besides, me and wifey are giong to spend the weekend writing Thank You cards and figuring out how best to use a joint checking account.

That’s about it. Topic of discussion today: I want everyone to tell ONE story from when they worked an hourly job as a high school/college student. Make it good, and post it as a comment. ONE only, you have to pick your best. Be eloquent, don’t write like a hungover Madd Scientist. Make me believe that I’m in the back room with you as you give the night manager and line cooks BJs in the chef’s office.

–whazz on

50 thoughts on “A Little Sumthin-Sumthin For The Fans

  1. I hope French tells a story about when he was a tire jockey. You were a tire jockey, right Scott?

  2. my first job was dancing for pennies. my owner was a turkish immigrant who played an organ and collected the tips. i wore a little red coat and a pill hat. this was 1985 miami and mainly i break danced. the worm, the moonwalk and the spin on my head were my top moves. one day my owner forgot to lock my cage and i escaped into down town. everyone screamed and ran. i got into a burger king and climbed on top of the coke machine and tossed my feces at the customers until animal control showed up and shot me in the eye with a tranquilizer dart. shortly after that i died. boy did that job suck. i am writing this post from heaven. the end.

  3. You crazy Kevin…a dick in your mouth will feel like a dick in your mouth whether you have your eyes closed or open.

  4. dada dada damn…i will be in the SJB&G errea since i live 1 block away from there. drinking will promptly start 32 seconds after i get back from the gym.

  5. Hey Cal, that was a good story. You could have probably made it about 2 paragraphs shorter though and we still would have got the funny part. Also, have you ever heard sentences and periods?

  6. I says ‘good golly miss molly!!’ 3 times a day!!Lets go get Greg Luganis & dive into a serving of semen!

  7. You dumbass, my mouth on your dick don’t make no difference whether I’m a man or a woman.

    You better work.

  8. That last quote probably wasn’t funny since you can’t hear it in an Austrian accent. It’s also more funny if you’ve seen The Running Man.

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