a night in god damn san jose

After running around town buying xbox’s and hard drives, I headed over to the local grocery for 36 beers and all the fun that goes along with such a purchase.

scotts: 9:15pm PST (7:15PM JST)

Beers are drank. We watched Van Wilder… the movie contains boobies, but the title screen is censored out to the point that I am too pissed off to even watch the movie. I drown my anger in miller lite at $8.99 an 18 pack. I am suddenly much happier.

We planned at meeting around 9, and Judd shows up with Kendrick right on time at 10:50pm PST (8:50pm JST) and plans are made for a future romantic modding date with me and kendrick. We realize we have VIP cards for cabana, but they expire at 11pm. We have 10 minutes. We walk damn fast only to find out that our VIP cards are not accepted anymore (which is illegal according to new california law with expiring coupons, but whatever…) First off, I hate the god damn cabana anyways, but everyone else is dead set on it. They get in line to pay the $10 cover only to find out their jeans are “too baggy”. I chime in with a “Just cause my nuts are too big, BI-AAAATCH”… or something like that. The asshole negroe bouncer is not amused. 4 more mexicans are turned away for “too baggy” pants and yell at the bouncers too. Being mexican they are much more vocal and confrontational. I laughed.

Then it happens. Random guy comes by and says, A new hot club is opening tonight… here are free passes… we go… it is awesome. 2 parkay dance floors, good hip hop, $7 double gimlets (depending on where you get them… ZING), and a house/trance room for the stoners complete with extremely plush surroundings. Everywhere was ikia funiture. all white. i don’t think they can keep the place like it is though… the whole bar is set up VIP style, and san jose does not know how to handle that. The owners were fat mafia looking dudes in suits walking around asking how everything was. gangsta. I was too scared to spill on their couches. We leave for some reason.

We walk to agenda and they want $10 to get in… somehow we talk them down to $5 (i didn’t even realize that was allowed), but then kendrick says “zoe’s” doesn’t charge a cover, so i tell agenda girl she needs to go lower and she says “$5 is the cheapest you will find in this city”, “you gotta go lower baby”, “bye”, “bye”. We walk to zoe’s only to find they have a $10 cover too. Again, we talk them down to $5… its getting late and i got pussy on my arm, so i decide to go home and fuck rach-ho… and do… well.

Some notables, Scott saw rach-ho’s boobs one at a time in exchange for beads. I believe he also grasped them… that makes his streak for touching boobs of involved ladies at 3. If he gets to 56 he gets to fuck the involved woman of his choice. at 100 he gets anal.

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  1. whateva madd..just for the record..madd was too tired to perform last night..so half of his post is jank!

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