HGello? whazzmasterocon.com? Are you there? I’m here and I’m Monyuopenny and I”m up in this shieeeeeee-ot, Maddd just todll me some umpshting bnd tht sthing: hellllllopoooo!!!!!! I took ammay ay movie tyonightr baand thatb mobve f called “Madd asnd Moneyppenyy onn a Sunday NIGHT!””””” and trghat movie is entitled “How Ro Be a Pooio-Poo- QWarrior filte frifght!”

And that reaization is part of a title entitled zach and cal feftaettyat the poo-poo monsteres and acol!!!!!!

whappppppeyttooo are you toughtENOUGH to handle my stuff?

IO d on’t dthink don Jen~ YOu aren’t touight neough to handke mny stuff?! OR M6 GUY STUFFFY OR HISB BUDDDDY JURRO. Or shhis his jambnalyaya and th4 yabalimbo and the stuff.

what do you think you’re doing rhgjtn noe? do yout tink yoiu’re harboring fujivtive? You think you’re jarboring a bujitive>? kATIVE AND bRIAN>? YOU???? you????? yiou?????????/






are you there wirkus>? memnmeber ber whenI told you aboutt he thin g?
thta thjing about the the ewqaz? I rthtat’s cool? booty boo, fkllllladddddyyy flku bioooty boooo,….\


33 thoughts on “WHAZZMASTER.COM!!!!

  1. zach, are you at work…if so you & madd are the only two pussies i know to throw up at work due to drinking related issues.

  2. bitch, i oughta cut you…its my last name tommy gurl. who else would do a drunk rant on a friday nite & include you in it…holla.

  3. I am so international. I just bought tickets to the Dave Attell & Lewis Black show in October. Epiphany: Happy Birthday Zach!

  4. (4) My parents said they will pick us up from the airport on Friday. Dick asked if he could take you golfing on Saturday. Do you want to golf/can you bring your clubs home?

  5. more fun with last names…

    the battle champion with skills so eleet…
    even though i’m so fat i just KRI-STOP-EIT (cry, stop, eat… gangsta)

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