Har, har, har

And now for sports…

It’s a sadd day for area whazzer Timmah, for Seatle Mariner Ichiro Suzuki failed to get a hit ending Timmah’s Beat The Streak at 26. With the third highest batting average in baseball (.342) and a cut rate opponent like Toronto, the BTS pick of Suzuki was a sound choice. Though his 26 leads the whazz league, one has to assume that Timmah had higher hopes. Possibly high apple pie in the sky hopes.

Timmah nor league owner Zach Hedling could be reached for comment.

16 thoughts on “Har, har, har

  1. Madd, that Xbox shit sounds awesome! Is there any way you could send me diagrams and instructions on how to do it.

  2. Dag nammit. The power’s back on and they called me back to work.

    1. You have to spend money to make money. We also have to pay for your Friday and Monday days off.
    2. You can’t overthrow me and my six shooter.
    3. Get a job then, I hear Mickey D’s is hiring. Quit being so uppity and flip some burgers.
    4. If you had a job, you could afford a lantern. Quit relying on others for things you could do. Go solar.
    5. C’mon now, would you really want somebody coked up flying jets and driving tanks to protect you?

  3. 1: Start out going East on NW 10TH ST toward NW 137TH AVE. 0.04 miles

    2: Turn RIGHT onto NW 137TH AVE. 1.39 miles

    3: Turn LEFT onto SW 8TH ST/ FL-90 E/ TAMIAMI TRL. 2.08 miles

    4: Merge onto FLORIDA’S TURNPIKE N (Portions toll). 30.08 miles

    5: Merge onto FL-84 E via exit number 54. 3.42 miles

    6: Merge onto I-95 N via the exit- on the left. 326.99 miles

    7: Merge onto I-10 W via exit number 351B- on the left- toward LAKE CITY/ TALLAHASSEE. 65.74 miles

    8: Merge onto I-75 N via exit number 296B toward VALDOSTA. 193.03 miles

    9: Merge onto I-475 N/ GA-408 N via exit number 156- on the left- toward ATLANTA. 15.42 miles

    10: Merge onto I-75 N. 178.89 miles

    11: Merge onto I-24 W via exit number 2- on the left- toward CHATTANOOGA/ NASHVILLE. 318.15 miles

    12: Merge onto I-57 N via exit number 44B- on the left- toward CHICAGO. 52.14 miles

    13: Take I-64 W toward ST LOUIS. 74.11 miles

    14: Merge onto I-70 W toward KANSAS CITY. 242.05 miles

    15: Merge onto I-435 N via exit number 8B toward DES MOINES. 31.14 miles

    16: Merge onto I-29 N via the exit- on the left- toward ST JOSEPH. 117.15 miles

    17: Take the IA-2 exit- exit number 10- toward SIDNEY/ NEBR CITY. 0.30 miles

    18: Turn LEFT onto IA-2 W. 53.30 miles

    19: Turn LEFT onto VAN DORN ST/ NE-2 W. 1.19 miles

    20: Take the US-77 N ramp toward I-80. 0.22 miles

    21: Merge onto SALT VALLEY RDWY. 2.87 miles

    22: Take I-80 W. 827.95 miles

    23: Merge onto I-84 W via exit number 168 toward OGDEN. 331.98 miles

    24: Take the exit- exit number 64- toward BLACKS CREEK-KUNA ROAD. 0.25 miles

    25: Turn RIGHT onto KUNA MORA RD. 12.97 miles

    26: Turn RIGHT onto S CLOVERDALE RD. 2.83 miles

    : 2885.71 miles
    47 hours, 27 minutes

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