Ok, enough drunken blog

in honor of tonight’s future drunk postings, i am going to coherently post this main story.

but scientist, that isn’t entertaining… well… then i’ll tell you of my xbox modding adventure last night.

i head to kendricks around 7 with an xbox, a soldering iron, a 160GB hard drive and $60 to purchase a mod chip.

for those unfamiliar with even the faintest idea of what i’m talking about right now, i am planning on taking apart my xbox, soldering a computer chip on it, and suddenly it will offer me a plethora of new features. some of these features include:
* copy a game to the hard drive so you can play it without the disc… rent a game, you own it forever.
* run games from nintendo, super nintendo, Genesis, Neo-Geo, N64, Game Boy color/advance, any console ever except playstation 2 and game cube… the key here, you can download EVERY game for these systems. I have like 5,000 NES games alone…
* copy a dvd movie to the hard drive in a format that could be burned to a normal CD-R and played in most DVD players. again, rent a movie, keep it forever.
* watch movies/music that you copied directly from the xbox… it becomes your media center.
* zoom/pan and take still shots of a dvd while you watch it. “we’re going streaking!!!”… and i’ll remember it forever.
* play DVDs from any region (normally DVDs can only be played in DVD players from the same ‘region’)

anyways, it is fucking bad ass, and everyone needs at least 7.

i get over there and kendrick’s first instructions are “take it apart”. OK. seriously, down to the metal lining around the inside of the plastic case, EVERYTHING was taken apart. Now, i don’t know how these fellers figured this shit out, but there is 1 god damn little hole on this motherboard among hundreds the size of a human hair that kendrick needed to put a tiny wire in and solder it. whatever, after about 8 more solders the chip is in. i put everything back together while he enjoyed a romantic dinner with his roomate.

now for the real test, turn the fucker on.

it doesn’t work.

after calling his people in the know we determine the problem and do some cross xbox brain surgery… cables from his into mine ect… finally everything is up and running. we copy a couple games over and most of the stuff seems to be working fine.

its getting late so i only copy over the nintendo emulator (the program to run the nintendo games) and every nintendo game ever made.

last night me and the rach-ho played super mario bros 3. we are in the cloud world. wish us luck.

here is to getting sloppy tonight, i need a ride to scotts, holler back youngins.

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  1. just wanted something coherent… no phase. if anyone has any questions or suggestions about this shit, post it here.

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