The New Class of Yuppies and FLAGS!

I just read something that almost made my head explode, and since that tends to incite blog posting, here we go:

There were two things I read recently, both very different in substance and location, that made me want to do a drive-by from here to Vermont. Our first contestant comes to us via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Luke posted it on his blog a few days ago, and I first saw it there.

Apparently some lady saw something that outraged her and since she had nothing better to do, she went to the local tavern and started being outraged there. Since that didn’t work, she went and was outraged in front of the store that outraged her. I’m getting ahead of myself now. First go read this. It’s short, and I’ll wait here until you get back.

OK now, let me make one thing completely clear: I like living in America, and I like the American flag. I also, however, respect Freedom of Speech. Now, this lady is trying to start a riot because a flag fell down and some guy stepped on it. Yes, that is bad. HOWEVER, the owner of the gas station fired the painter. He did as much as he could to rectify the situation. But the nutcase lady, who I’ll herein refer to as BATSHIT-INSANE-O, says that’s not good enough, the owner has to apologize on TV. So the owner says, “Fine” and they shake on it. As soon as they shake, there is no more confrontation and the news crews leave like a bat out of hell. So BATSHIT-INSANE-O decides that vengeance has NOT been achieved and now starts protesting all over again. I seriously don’t know what is the worst aspect of this story:

a.) BATSHIT-INSANE-O went absolutely creeping zombie jesus insane after seeing a Polaroid of a man stepping on the flag.
b.) The news crews were all over this until it was resolved, then went fleeing back to their secret underground editing rooms where they make “YOUR CHILDREN COULD BE IN IMMINENT DANGER OF FIERY DEATHS!!! Tonight at 11.” commercials.
c.) The owner of the gas station had a perfectly good explanation about it, and HE FIRED THE GUY RESOPNSIBLE ANYWAYS. The Huns kept after him though.
d.) If you look at the motherfucking picture of the protesters, it fucking shows 6 high school fuckers in Abercrombie clothers smiling for the camera. So you’re telling me that these guys took a break from giving the AV kid fucking swirlies to protest about flag-stepping-onage? Well fuck you, Journal Sentinel cause that didn’t happen.

*puff, puff* I think I’m over that one. Now onto the fucking Cyber-Yuppies:

OK, so there’s this thing called Friendster. What it is exactly isn’t so much important, but if you want to you can read up on what all it does. Basically, you make a profile and then link your friends in a network. So all of these people who wanted to be “hip” and “start a new trend” started making profiles for Jesus, Giant Squid, and Homer Simpson. Then everyone wanted to link to these people and be their “friends”. So now the CEO of the company, who wants to turn it into something more like, said they’re going to start deleting fake profiles. There’s basically too much noise in the system now. So what do these fucking tards to? What else, complain that they’re being “creatively stifled”. The article I’m refering to is online here at Salon. I’m pretty sure you don’t need be subscribed to view it.

From the article:

Some fakesters whose profiles have already had their pictures or accounts deleted by their unhappy host haven’t bothered to replace them. There’s a nascent Web site for Fallen Friendsterswhich invites exiles to post their profiles. Some have simply packed up their fakery and decreed that “The Golden Age of Friendster is Over,” as Adam Dugas, 32, a Brooklyn singer, wrote in an e-mail message that got picked up on blogs like Sick Candy.

Dugas, whose fake identities on Friendster until recently included the Blair Witch, says that the system peaked among his group of friends around July 4: “It was just like this weird creative outlet where people were making these fake identities around these characters, writing these insane testimonials all in character, and creating this whole little world of fake people who only lived in this Friendster. When they started cutting out the fictional people and fakesters, it put a weird damper on what was making it fun and sort of goofy.”

Abrams sees the fuss as part of the growing pains of a new service that has expanded quickly: “Since we’re new, people are still pushing the boundaries and seeing what they can get away with. I think every service kind of goes through this. A small percentage of people don’t really get the point. The point is not to add a ton of people you don’t know. If you want to message random people you could do that on any site.”

But Dugas, who sings mash-up medleys ranging from Cole Porter to Nirvana and Peggy Lee, contends, “If you create something and you put it out there, whatever it is, whether is a piece of software or a song, you can’t force someone to experience it the way that you want.”

Look, asshole, just because you guys perverted a system and now the comany wants to take it back, it may suck for you and your “creative” friends who play Britney Spears fucking vocals over Kurt Cobain’s music, but it’s not a travesity of Art. How about this: if you concentrated as much on living life to the fullest rather than creating a profile for Fran Fucking Drescher on some stupid match-making website, maybe the Internet would be suck a fucking maze of dumb.

I can’t take this anymore. I’m out.

–whazz on

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