life is a classroom

i’m 24 years old, yet every day i learn something new. yesterday was no exception.

the first thing i learned was that if you start drinking before 3pm, and continue through bar time, you will probably be too drunk to remember getting head in scotts bathroom.

secondly, it is possible for 2 people to drink a case of beer, 2 fortys and a couple bottles wine before going out to the bars. i did not know that.

thirdquel, i learned that thirdquel is a word.

did you know that you can bargain with a bar keep over the price of trucker hats? well, kid, you can. and i have the hat to prove it. (and the empty bottle of pabst that we got free with them)

here is an important one for you inebriation junkies, if a large man tries to open field tackle you, but ends up hanging on your back, ignore your first instinct to slam them into the nearby glass pane store front. why? because said friend will go through the glass and you will be forced to run. i dont like running.

well, just take this as a reminder to keep your eyes open, and never stop learning.

19 thoughts on “life is a classroom

  1. i was a lil off tilt last nite…i messed up the bling line & did not find a new fuckfriend, but i found free alchie-hol…so it is a wash.

  2. kahn…my name is scotty, but you can me 4nyay…i party through LA, like baby what you gotta say…so laaa…i live in & lay like sugar ray, i listen to shaday…u never see me workin girl, cuz i like to play…okay

  3. i would like all whazzers to know that is the 3,845,926th most popular website on the internet! CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. My dog too. I wanted a bitch but they were sold out when I got there and Parker was so cute I had to buy him.

  5. yoyoyoyo moneypenny in the house, payin down my cc debt and flossin with gators on and pimp feathers behind my ears. ya heard?

  6. i figured it out… zach ate the gangsta 12 year old that called me to battle and then chickened out.

  7. We’re whalers on the moon, we carry a harpoon, but there ain’t no whales so we tell tall tales and carry our harpoons.

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