3 thoughts on “OH, YOU WANT TO BATTLE?!

  1. ve moost do somesin aboot ze thread nazi
    kill heem, kill heem, i don’t care vut eet costs me
    he’s kilt more threads zen i have jews
    golly us germans like da booze
    ve need joseph to clone us a new site
    vithout a thread nazi, ve post all nite

  2. aint been since ze caust
    zis shit like dis iz ghost
    I cut you ze thread nazi
    what, you want aryian posts?
    whah, whah, you cry with ze whine
    Iz be putting ze little german
    in where yo mamma’s don’t shine
    you be callingz me vati…
    shiiiit – in none of ze time

  3. I’m a lyrical miracle,
    Leave ya fatigued & intrigued,
    The way I flow like nautical terms in the sea,
    Only difference I use terms of the streets,
    to defeat ya, beat ya down with simplicity.
    Let ya empty yo clip of weak rhymes that you spit, flip it around make you bow down to this shit, bROOKsIdES finest, call me your hyness,
    In mathematics, I’m plus you’re a minus.

    I write, depite the fact that I’m white, I’m fly like a kite, my skin is light, thats alright with me, pride of the Irish that fights in me.
    Indestructable, lovable, thats me, raised in the BrOoK, leave you shook on the concrete,
    They call me Shortie, Worthy of the 40 I slam,
    Everytime ya’ll see me, Mickey’s in my hand,
    Rockin’ red and maroon, storm on blue like a monsoon, keep em’ faded, degraded infatuated wit’ my style, one step closer, smoke ya like a black mild.

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