zachery’s .plan

I decided to keep a semi-regular .plan of my progress on the ALL-NEW site. So here we go:

1. I finally got the header image and header files done.
2. Most of the utility scripts are written and separated out into include scripts.
3. The user tables and permissions tables are created.
4. AddUser script is coded and tested.
5. Login script is coded and tested.

To do next:
1. Code and test the EditUser, DeleteUser, and ListUsers scripts.
2. Code and test the new blogging system.
3. Code and test the new commenting system.

Lots more but that To Do list is for the near future.

Planned Features
1. All new permissions system so that people can have access to edit select parts of the site (Anyone can be a movie reviewer, for instance, or a blog editor, or an administrator, or a music reviewer).
2. Personal message system. Once logged in, you can send any other user a private message (kind of like a limited email). When you login you’ll see your new personal messages.
3. This one is a maybe right now: a complete content management system where, when someone writes a blog or review, it doesn’t go public right away. Instead, someone with editor privileges must approve the story for public display. Written but not approved entries would be queued up for editors to approve. This is to keep someone from posting a publically available entry filled with nothing but swearing or such. Just a thought.

Comments appreciated. I’m looking to have the whole site ready for launch by Thanksgiving.

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26 thoughts on “zachery’s .plan

  1. Oh yeah, in your new user profile you should have a stat of your number of First Posts. I figured you homos would like that.

  2. My Thanksgiving trip is up in the air. Mia might be back for a short soujourn from Canada that weekend. More as event unfold.

  3. i always thought cinderella was kinda whore like. i think thats what i like about her…so whats the rest of your outfit, a thong?

  4. Cal, I am sorry for my comments earlier. I could see where you would be offended by the notion of a heterosexual male wanting to see a female naked.

  5. I think I’m hallucinating I have such a fever right now…its not cool, I wish they’d send me home.

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