Cabana and SummerSlam

Wow, that was a weekend. Period. Friday night we paid quite a lot to get private booths at Cabana in San Jose. Bottom line: service sucked balls but there were so many people there that we had a great time. The crowd was mostly Erin’s co-workers from GT, but Judd, Scott, and the Madd Scientist also did run-ins. Notable note of the evening: A drunk Madd walked through a curtain not knowing there were ~STEEEEEEL steps just on the other side. He cut a rather large gash in his head. When the waitress came Madd demanded a double-gimlet on the house to heal is head. The waitress complied.

Tickets to the Gun Show.

Like I said though, the service really sucked. We paid approximately $400 for 4 bottles of liquor, plus individual drinks, PLUS $300 just to sit in the reserved cabana, and we were still treated like shit come the end of the night. Anywho, there are some VERY great pictures from this one: click here to download the archive.

So I spent saturday working off a hangover. Since I’ve been drinking less lately, I tend to get drunk very easily and wake up very hungover. I mostly did laundry, but I also got to work on the ALL-NEW, so it was a good way to spend the day (one of those never-change-out-of-my-underwear-and-sit-on-the-couch-all-day days).

Sunday was the PPV though, and we had somehow managed to get it wrangled so that we’d go over to Ro’s house, since she has digital cable and could actually, you know, order the damn thing. It was just like the old days. Memories. We did try something new though: every match everyone had to pick a wrestler (or team). If your pick was not announced the winner by the ref, you had to slam a beer before the opening bell of the next match. I lost more than I won. For the main event, we did something even better: if you picked the correct winner of the Elimination Chamber match, you got to Ric Flair chop all of the losers across their bare chest. Needless to say, Scott and I won and Madd Scientist most definitely did not. And I not only have pictures of this shit, I’ve got movies for y’all. First, watch me put a non-well-formed chop to Madd chest, and then amaze yourself with Scott’s Super Chop Action. If you still want more funniness after that, take a gander at Madd’s aftermath picture:

Madd’s Chopped Nipple

For old times’ sake we also stone colded some beers. It was a suprise to me when Scott pussed out on this one.

Also, me and Erin did some Rock while Ro looked on, maybe amused.

There’s an archive of all this cool stuff, and you can, of course, download it from here. There’s more of course, but I don’t think you’d want to hear it, whazzmaster, so I’m gonna go eat some dinner.

Also, let’s everyone wish my brother, Aaron Moneypenny, a happy birthday today. He’s 22 and all growns up.

–whazz on

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  1. the consensus appears to be that we are working late tonight…..the one night I wanted to get home early….DAMNIT


  3. Ok, so once again late in my posts…Kyle and I just finished watching the PPV. Overall not that great buit I just handed Kyle the chest slap of the century I think. He will probably give you his take on it tomorrow.(sidenote tomorrow is Kyles chest workout) What do I have to say about this??? Good luck with the workout.

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