Pre-Pre Vegas

As promised i showed up at frenchy’s house last night with a 30 pack of coors and a will to drink 15 of them. After arriving i find out that Judd, Kendric, KendricFriend, Ro, and BlondeHo are also coming. That puts my share of coors at ~4. I am upset.

I’m about 4 in before they even show up. the jokes on them. I failed to compute Judd’s furrryginerness toward drinking beer from a can and ro and BlondeHo’s general female inability to be anything more than a fleshy moist hole recepticle, so i got about 10 beers in before it was time to roll.

At this point frenchy has traded his man hood in with BlondeHo and took her vagina for the night, as he would not be joining us due to “vegas planning”. odd that half of the people going out were going to vegas as well… but whatever, fag.

KendrickFriend has promised me that his roomate works for KSJO and wants to interview me for some san jose drunken thing. We meet up with guy, but i’m not drunk enough yet. KendrickFriend is begging for battle rap… i explain it is KSJO and KSJOguy agrees… not a good idea.

So far this story sucks, so let me introduce some social dynamics.

BlondeHo came in with Ro with attitude on her shoulder, common in these parts. i am told she is fucking Kendrick… not sure though. She comes in, sits on the couch and completely ignores my existance for a good 5 minutes. then i cleanly stone cold 2 beers and ask the old madd scientist to welcome her to Frenchy’s house.

I did nothing but insult this woman for the better part of an hour and a half, and at the end of it, i was probably the only one she was paying attention too. all women are whores and love attention even if it meens being insulted. you heard it here first.

Anyways, we try and go to B&G… closed for private party of like 500 people. We stand outside for an hour. I am upset again.

Judd is wearing basketball shorts, a sleeveless tshirt and tennis shoes with black socks. He does not have and ID. He does not have money.

We go by voodoo but KSJOguy could not hear in there for the interview. We go to mission. I have lost everyone except Kendrick and BlondeHo. Me and Kendrick go to the back and notice the back bar area is open, but no one is back there…. brilliant idea: lets steal liquor.

Kendrick goes back. I man the door. He has 100s of bottles of top shelf liquor to choose from. I am excited. He comes back unseen with………. 2 cans of red bull. C’MON R U JOKIN ME?!?!?

I berate him and send him back. This time a bouncer sees him behind the bar and he runs back to me. BiggerBouncerGuy comes over too and starts yelling at Kendrick while he stands behind me. I was at the door and just pretended like I had gone back there to make some phone calls. Kendrick explained himself somehow and we left…. BUT NOT BEFORE I STOLE A GLASS. fuck you mission, i own.

walking back to frenchy’s i got the 3rd of my giant fish eye mirror collection, then pounded on his door for a while and went home.

The old scientist is alive and well.

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