Dom P, Dawg! Dom P!

Ok, whazzers, football season starts on Thursday, and so does a new contest: The 1st Annual Suicide Football Pool. The prize? A bottle of Dom P. The cost to play? Free. Am I joking you? No. The rules? Here:

1. Each of you gets two lives. Each week you pick a football team. You must pick your team one hour before the start of the week’s first game. If that team wins, you’re golden. If they lose, you suck, and you lose a life. Lose both of your lives and you’re done. We keep doing this until there is only one player left.

2. If you fail to make a pick one hour before the first game, your default pick is the Cincinnati Bengals. Good luck with that.

3. You can only pick a team one time. So Ol’ sourdoughsam can only pick the 49ers one time.

4. At Week 8 all remaining players will receive a free life and they get to pick one team that they have already picked. If you are already eliminated by Week 8, you don’t get a free life, you are still eliminated, and we will all make fun of you.

Ok. The people playing for the fancy booze are the whazzmaster regulars. Zachery, Grand Masta Caspa, Madd Scientist, Alandovos, Katie, Ro, Frenchy, wirkuswhazz, Sean, Cal, Jen, Bellgirl, Peterstiffly, Ewaz, Rock Chalk, Marksie, Timmah, sourdoughsam, Oneil, Arlo, and Judd.

Am I forgetting anyone? I want this to be a game for whazzmaster regulars. If any of you lurkers out there want to show yourself, now would be a good time.

Also, if you don’t have a bellman profile by the start of the season, you lose a life right off the bat. So Judd, Arlo “Los Dogg” Horton and O’Neil, get with it.

That about covers it. You can post your pick here or call my cellie. Remember, it must be posted one hour before the week’s first game. The season starts on Thursday, so get your shit together. I will be running this game with good old pen and paper until Madd gets back from Vegas. After that we might move to an on-line format with plenty of instructions.

If any of you whazzers are interested in playing another version of this game, Madd is running one on his website So far moneypenny, Madd, peterstiffly and I are going to play. It costs 20$ with the winner getting all the cash. So, sourdoughsam and Ro, I’d like to see you put your money where your mouth is and come join us.

Any questions? Post ’em and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

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36 thoughts on “Dom P, Dawg! Dom P!

  1. Is this for real? Wirkuswhazz are you getting any of this. Tell your boy to keep is Cocktail Weiner in his pants. I do know that we all would like to see a little Penny running around.

  2. Are we talking about that goddamn wine drinker? I hate that goddamn wine drinker. Jen, I say good pick.

  3. Am I getting this correctly? Is sds proposing sex to kyle? kyle – this is interesting. is it worth not being a packers fan to have sex with sds?

  4. I LOVE cheese, but not cheeseheads. The size thing is also an issue, it must be big enough BUT not too big. But I also need pictures, he has to be hot to get me turned on enough to make the sex worth it in the first place. If there are no orgasms there is no point to the sex in the first place.

  5. If you want to see pictures, I already give up. Why do you think I proposed in the anonymity of a website chatroom?

  6. I have just been informed by scott that I am no longer frightening, therefore I need RC to take me out for another night of excessive drinking to get my mellowness out of me and get me a little more wild again.

  7. working in the porno industry has turned all of these women into raging nyphos. begging one question to be answered… how you doin?

  8. errinnnnnnnnnnnnnn, baaaaaaaby, i want to fuck you sooooooo badddd.

    please come and suck myyy dickkkkkkkkk. pleeassee? can we have sex?

    pleeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeee. errrrinnnnnnnnnnnnnn?

    [continue for 4 minutes]

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