Suicide Football

Ok, $20 suicide football has been cancelled. Dom P suicide football is so much cooler, why would anyone want to play anything else.

Please go to and sign up. then go to “leagues” and request membership to the “” league.

I am going to make it work exactlly like wirkus described. everyone gets 2 lives. stay alive and get your week 8 pick correct and score a bonus life. if there is a tie, those people keep going. if there is still a tie at the end of the season, the solution is obvious. a steel elimination cage will be constructed and shane-o-mac will be commishioned to guest referee. no holds barred. 1 fall.

You can make and change your picks for the entire season in advance… the picks lock 1 hour before the first game for that week. thursday games are for the following sundays week, so week 1 starts this thursday. get your picks in.

vegas: good time. that is all.

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  1. Clarification…I was not asking IF you were going out, but rather if you were going out WITH US. I owe you nothing.

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