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What’s up yo. It’ moneypenny in the house. I’m supposed to be cleaning the house right now, I hope erin doesn’t catch me. Anyways, this week I put some money into an account on, and this week is the first time I’ve put money on some games. Denver’s rolling on Cincy at this point 20-3 at the half. Let’s see if they can keep it up in the second half. In Suicide Football news, a lot of people picked Miami over Houston, and at this point it doesn’t seem so certain. Looks like Miami’s up 14-6 in the second quarter. Go Miami.

I’ve spent some time working on the site this weekend, and here’s the update:

1. Add, Edit, Delete permission levels is working.
2. Add and Edit users is working.
3. Overall structure of site is done.

Next to do:
1. Make an admin page to list users.
2. Create the new articles database and rewrite the blogging system. This is the major aspect of the site so I’ll spend some time designing and coding it.

The main thing with the new users system is that people now will have photos attached to their users if they desire.

Shit, I see the Pack is getting spanked by Minnesota. Fuck Minnestoa. At 2:30 we’re going over to Scott’s for afternoon football/cookout/drankin party. I’ll bring the camera. Some of you may get drunk calls. Or if you’re drunk, call us.

Vegas Post update: I have the movies from Madd Scientist. This week I should be able to slice them together into one. Then I’ll post highlights from the trip. Don’t get your hopes up, the movies are probably the best part of the trip.

Uh-oh, I think Erin’s on to me. Later.

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