Can You Dig it Sucka?!?!

well on a more better note…I’m going to WWF Smackdown on Thursday Sept 30. I’m waiting to hear from a friend but it sounds like Kyle will also be attending as my bitch or date or mate…nevermind.

Now those of you who have attended, watched or dreamt about WWF know that signs are an important part of every televised event. Some of my favorites include; “Fish is Raw” “I steal cable” and “Suck my balls.”

But on a serious note I would like this blog to serve as a forum for all of you to give your sign ideas. I will take top 5 (my favorites) and then turn those top 5 into a poll for everyone to vote on.

Here are the rules in none other than list format:

1. No swear words allowed
2. No making fun of me (Kyle is fair game though)
3. You can post as many ideas as you want but only through Thursday September 11 midnite.
4. In case of another post coming before the deadline on this one, all suggestions must be made in this post.

So let the games begin and watch WWF wrestling on October 2 at 7:00 pm.

30 thoughts on “Can You Dig it Sucka?!?!

  1. Casperson, when are you coming out here? Where are you going to live? How often will I be seeing you once you move out here? Where will you be working? What types of weekend outings will wwe be having once you move? I have so many quesitons. Move out here already!!

  2. easy mac is microwave food made exclusively for latchkey children and jen h. it alleviates the need for ridiculous things like water and a stove (finally). astronauts are eating it and it has a shelf life of five hundred years. in a word: yuck.

  3. Also, we will be hosting Brian & Kristy White, Renee & Sean Rideout, an sds run-in, and a q run-in. Peace!

  4. plan on making lots of dingle berries for me for I am gay

    self zing.. oh weeh.. that zing kinda felt good. oh yeah!

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