41 thoughts on “me?

  1. Jen…Steve Warner and his wife have lost 125 put together, Mark Brown has lost almost 100 himself. Chew on that fat……..

  2. Official verdict, I am now going to the doctor in two hours. Almost vomiting stomach acid makes you cave in to peer pressure.

  3. Jen I have never met you but is you are like most girls you could stand to trim a few pounds. So if you are not on my Atkins diet I do have another way. It is called sexercise. If you are like most single women, you probaly have not gotten any in a long time. I am here to change all of that. Look at the bright side sex and becoming thinner. What a deal. As you kids say. Holla back

  4. Jen I would like an application. Tell me more about this I indeed would like to be considered. And NO I am not this Madd Scientist fellow. Jen you have my attention.

  5. Where did Shirley come from? That was random. I am done with dr. appointment #1 for the day. No new news, still dying for now….

  6. I am not dead, I was very very very close last night though. I am officially going to the doctor on Monday before my stomach takes control of my entire body and does kill me. I think 2 months of denial that something is wrong is enough.

    Atkins starts today so that the madd scientist will stop telling me I look pregnant.

  7. I believe it’s pronounced: “robble, robble”. You should know how to spake your own language, Hamburglar, unless the McDonald Land penal system is more fucked up than I thought.

  8. I’ll have you know that there are no pronunciation laws in McDonald Land. Hamburlger, watch your mouth!

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