two’s company…

our favorite fake homosexual, gourmet chef, and all around womanizer jack tripper is dead today.

as is the great song writer, singer johnny cash.

tonight, i drink for you guys… you inspired me to convince my landlord i was gay, then proceed to fuck countless bitches and battle rap their parents at 5am.

ritter, cash, i love you guys. i wish that thighmaster bitch never entered either of your lives. step by step sucked. TGIF DEEEEEZ NUUU-UUUUTZ.

new show on abc starring the madd scientist: just the 10 inches of me.

oh, i’m drunk.

10 thoughts on “two’s company…

  1. For those of you who remember…my house smells EXACTLY like County Stadium right now…peanuts, beer, stale nachos, and rain…RIP County Stadium, we love you.

    P.S. Sorry for the random post, but nostalgia hit me and I couldn’t resist…Moneypenny, Rock Chalk, contact me…am I the last one to get the new #’s??? Talk to you soon. Rock, any info on wedding music for me? Let me know.

    P.S.S. Badger Game today…nuff said

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