An Open Letter To Democrats

An Open Letter To The Democrats

Dear Democrats (& Jen),

I’m writing this to explain to you why, though I would love to vote the Democratic Party into office in 2004, I am not registered with any political party in the state of California.

First things first: John Kerry will not get my vote and Joe Lieberman will not get my vote. They sat by and did NOTHING while Bush and the neo-cons hijacked the idea of democracy and used it to further their right-wing agendas. How they can they stand on the debate floor and say anything negative about Bush’s foreign policy while they voted in favor of it is beyond me. They get no free pass. If it was a bad idea to authorize military action then they should have voted their conscience when it mattered. Now that they want to lead the country, I’m supposed to believe that they’ll have what it takes to stand up to the RNC and its henchmen, when they couldn’t just a few months ago when lives were on the line? Bah. Would the Republicans have vilified them in the press if they had voted against the war? Plain and simply: yes. But the fact was that they hedged their bets. They gambled on the outcome of a WAR because they thought that if they supported it and it was a cakewalk, they would smell like roses in 2004. Never mind that 296 soldiers have died since the war began, John and Joe figured they wanted to be on the winning side. Oops, they were wrong, but they hate the idea of war now.

Now, onto the idea of Clark in the White House. Jen wrote:

Clark has no Hill experience. Those vultures will eat him alive. While he may have military experience, Kerry is also a former combat veteran, in addition to being a leader/activist in the “Vets against Vietnam” when he returned home after his numerous tours with the Navy.

And our current President’s Hill experience was what exactly? Hiring that filthy piece of shit Rove was the only reason Bush hasn’t been completely annihilated by the Democrats, the press, my mom, that kid down the street with the lazy eye, and all manner of household pet. Point here is this: all I want in a President at this point is someone who will surround himself with the right people (i.e., logical people who will actually, you know, ask experts in individual fields what they think on policy issues), and, here’s the kicker, not be the fucking incarnation of evil. I wake up every morning and watch as Bush promotes another tax cut that in real-reality goes 99% to the rich, but in Rove-reality is going to go 90% to the poor. They just make shit up, day in and day out. It would be nice to have a President that doesn’t just make shit up every day about issues critical to the country.

You have to realize (as I’m sure you do) that the vast majority of America is pretty dumb. Hannity and Colmes prove my point there, with Bill O’Reilly setting a new world record in examples. However, the American people don’t like being lied to, historically. Democrats: do everything in your power to make the people understand that they have been lied to. The time is over for “the bi-partisan compromise of our forefathers,” as some cowed Democratic candidate would say. The Republicans Want Sole Control Of The Entire Nation At The Expense Of The Democratic Ideal. They don’t want discussion, they don’t want debate, and they don’t want compromise. They want to tell Ann Coulter to write another book where she details how every Democrat in America fucked and intern, chopped her head off, and then fucked the stump. Don’t let them do that. And you know what? Once the Democrats figure out how to bitch slap the Republicans, then they must TRULY TRY to bring the Republicans back into the national dialogue on ideas and show them how Democracy is supposed to work. Debate and representation of the Peoples’ wishes. Set an example, Democrats. Show the world that it may be better to listen to experts on issues rather than some fucking ultra-right (or left!) wing interest group. It’s a good idea to have non-partisan experts running the agencies that deal with very specific shit (like the CDC for example; what would it be like if Ralph Reed was in charge of the CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL? Declare homosexuality a disease and authorize lethal force to eradicate it?), which we do already to some extent. But we need to take that further. Don’t fucking politicize shit that doesn’t need to be politicized.

Not done yet by a long shot, but I gotta do some work today.

To be continued…

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  1. Ok, due to this web site, I am going to have to ban political conversation at the 2nd Annual Whazzmaster Thanksgiving. I know that Zach is going to feel especially persecuted by this action, but I think this is the only option that will allow all of our guests to leave our place (1) alive, and (2) sane.

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