Prelude to a Piss…

I have every intention of turning this evenings festivities into a debacle. I’ve had debacle on my mind all week, but no contestants. Tonight, however, I am under the assumption that many people are going out. I don’t think they know what they signed up for. I’m on a mission, and madd scientist on a mission is not a train you should play chicken with. However, many chicken’s have been trained by the same madd scientist, but that is not the topic of discussion at hand.

Right now, I’m 100% sober. Didn’t even have beer with lunch. You could ask me what i 2 was and I would quickly retort with “Negative One.” My brain is operating on all cylindars. Oh how that will change.

Sweet Liquor, if calgon can do it, I pray to you… take me away.

Later in the evening, simple questions may simply be replied to with a punch in the face… or the ever popular quick slap to the nuts. The possibilites truly are endless. Not knowing whats coming is half the fun.

Throw a little absinthe in the mix and you have all the ingredients for cheddar biscuits on top of a few vommit pools. Oh, the fun I will have.

There will be victims though. I do not doubt that. There are casualities of anything truly worth doing. The true victims, however, are the individuals that do not witness tonight’s events.

On that note, I ask of all of you: Want to go drinking?

47 thoughts on “Prelude to a Piss…

  1. WOW you people SUCK ASS. Fuck you Jen. Are you some stuck up bitch from the East Coast. Blond hiar with shitty highlights, thinking that you are gods gift to the human kind. No doubt you are a closet dyke who needs to get punished fucked. Chew on that. I was just playing on the web and found this site. So sorry to intrude.

  2. That was actually my latest trick to see if I could infiltrate an internet message board. It will be airing on ABC on October 1st at 8/7c.

  3. hi. I came cross this site. what is it all about? Youall seem pretty close. Do you all make love? What about cookies? Do you all make cookies?

  4. Why is it that when you go out for one drink after work, you end up coming home at 2:00am and canít find your wallet or car keys in the morning.

  5. This has been a very bizarre day. I wonder what will happen next. All we need is some belligerent Cal/Cla/Bold Cal post and I will fucking lose my shit.

  6. What is up with this web site? Kinda crazy if you ask me. I’m trying to follw the things that are going on but whatever. What is WHAZZ anyway? Please respond.

  7. I like killing guests who come to this website. Then I use the structural human parts for furniture and I eat the flesh.

    Mmmmmmmm flesh.

  8. name: Aaron (easy e) Richard Kristopeit
    personal info: I am a baller. seriously. i hit it deep. I am also tight. word up. Hours of entertainment for those who care to visit.

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