A Step Towards Thanksgiving

Every week that goes by draws us one step closer to the Second Annual Whazzmaster Thanksgiving Special. And for that I’m excited as all hell. And now to sports…

I had $20 each on the Minnesota and Kansas City games this week, and they both won. That’s sweet. Now if Green Bay can just beat Arizona by a touchdown or two, I’ll have won all my bets this week. NICE. Extra special thanks go to the Detroit Lions for being unable to move the ball from the 1 yd line into the endzone in 4 tries.

In Suicide Football news, we’ve got a few people still undefeated. As of 1:44pm PDT, Judd, Casperson, and my beloved Rock Chalk all are unbeaten. I hope wifey wins the Dom so I can take a bath in it. Click here to view the league results.

In yet other football pool-related news, I’m going to make a moral stand against 3 Sales Guy Games. Their website sucks my balls, and every time I want to check my pool results it makes me filled with a desire to write my own goddamn football pool website. They suck.

I had hoped to go look at Chevy Tahoe’s and apartments in San Jose today sometime, but it appears that football is conspiring against me. Maybe, just maybe, Erin and I will yet be able to go to the driving range.

*sigh* Whazzmaster.com: On Football Sundays Nothing Gets Done Around Here

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19 thoughts on “A Step Towards Thanksgiving

  1. For any of you who know Charles Eggen of the HoJo I hate the Bastard. A HUGE thorn in my ass. Jen did you ever work with him?

  2. Ah, the old days when Marksie was a maintenance man who would get caught sleeping in his house with the walkie under his head. See also: Ewaz (except in bellman uniform). Seen Maurice lately, Marksie?

  3. Those front desk uniforms were brand-spaking new when I worked there. I think we got them the second year I was there. Good thing too, the ones before were hideous. They had this wierd bouffant scarf-ey thing that you were supposed to wear. Teal green. Very ugly.

  4. Yea Mark Brown did drop 91 lbs. He looks like a new man. He has shaved his facial hair as well. Has anybody heard from the BIG SHOW? What is up with him? Katie how are ya? Zach when are you coming back to WI next?

  5. Yea Wirkuswhazz tell a story about the HoJo. The only problem is which one to tell. There are so many funny ones. There is the one about Dan Naviser coming in and……….

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