Welcome Back, Everyone!

If you can read this, then the DNS servers have updated enough for you to have access. In other words, Welcome Back! That was quite a glitch we had back there, and if not for Cal and Ewaz working overtime to get whazzmaster.com back online, you wouldn’t be here now.

Hopefully I paid enough money to get us back online for about a year. After that, who knows, maybe I’ll just start serving web pages out of the back of my old pickup truck. Buy a watermelon, get a whazzmaster.com page view absolutely free.

I’m in the middle of trying to mod my Xbox right now. When its done it should be suh-weet, but I’ll post more about that when it’s actually done.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Everyone!

  1. If crashed in the woods, would anybody care? They would… if it meant they could not whazz.

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