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Big, huge, mega ups to Grand Masta Caspa on his birthday. I felt bad because I always thought about my birthday in terms of all three of our birthdays (Casperons, Kyle, and me) but this year my birthday just doesn’t seem like its actually here. And since I wasn’t particularly paying attention to my own birthday rapidly approaching, I also totally forgot about Ryan’s and Kyle’s. So Happy B(ouncer)-Day to everyone in Madison and San Mateo.

I heard Ewaz-ish rumors that some of you guys went to Smackdown in Milwaukee last night. I think it’s within my rights as webmaster of to demand a recap of the show. Anything good happen? Like Stephanie McMahon’s tits flopping out? Or was it all bad? Like Big Show’s tits flopping out? No matters whose tits did what, I’d like to hear about it.

So, as I write this the Maaaaaadd Scientist is flying over Iowa or Montana or somewhere. God help the people in those lands, for a fell shadow is falling on their crops and turning them to stink. I swear, that dude likes to stink when he flys in planes. It’s just a thing he does. The MD stayed on my futon last night so I could drop him off at the aeropuerto this morning, and we watched the Scarface Anniversary Edition DVD that I bought yesterday. Rappers fucking love Scarface. My favorite parts:

1. When Tony pops the dude in the face in the middle of the street in front of dozens of people.
2. When they throw the dude out of a chopper with a hangman’s noose on his neck.
3. When that ridiculous dancing guy with a pillow stuffed in his shirt gets shot to hell by the two guys in the club.
4. When Tony has a gigantic pile of coke on his desk and just lays his head on it and starts sniffing.
5. When they slow motion the guy grabbing Tony’s sister’s ass and you see Tony get pissed… in slow motion.
6. For some reason when that guy with the chainsaw jumps out of the window it is hilarious. I just can’t figure out why.

The notable thing about this DVD release is that of the 5 special features on disc 2 I actually want to watch like 4 of them. Most of the time when a dumb movie comes out on DVD it’s some 3rd rate director talking about how he wanted to emulate Shakespeare and Spy Kids at the same damn time. The special features here are all about how they had to do less chainsawing of human heads in order to score an “R” rating. Fuck yeah I’ll watch that shit. There’s also, somewhat inexplicably, a series of interviews with Def Jam rappers about how the movie has influenced them. I mean, I kinda get it, but the more you think about it the more you say, “huh?”

Also bought Glengarry Glen Ross DVD but haven’t even opened it yet.

The other day I bought a DVD burner so I could get to work editing all of the great footage from the wedding and making a DVD out of it. I got an external drive so I could hook it up to my PC or the iBook laptop. So I go home to hook it up and somewhere along the line I fucked something on the processor or RAM. Now my computer does a hard reboot every 5-10 minutes after I turn it on. It is fucked, and now I need to go either buy all the parts and put together a new system or just go buy a new system. Either way, my main computer at home is fucked and I got no immediate way to fix it.

So for the birthday on Friday we’re planning on drinking at my house, going to eat steak, then either going out drinking or coming back to my house to drink some more. I do know one thing and that is that I will be ended on Friday. Drunk. Intoxicated. Full of steak. All of the above. Big ups to Rock Chalk for planning all this. Thanks, dawg.

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  1. Sat we’re going out in San Jose with Ro, Scott, Timmah, Judd, Madd, ect.

    It’s their job to show us a good time.

    Where ya taking us? The agenda? That place with the hugs ass tacos? The sake bomb place? Los Gattos?

    Also don’t forget to pick your suicide football picks…

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