I Am Drunk and The Cleveland Browns Won

Hey everyone– it’s the MP and I’m arrestin the world. You got postin skills? Challenge and fall, bitches. Let’s get right to the agenda.

Kyle’s Birthday

I would be remiss in not mentioning peterstiffly’s birfday. Yo, dawg, you taught me more about sports than anyone, ever. I salute your ability to raze the field in sports knowledge combat. Mortal Kombat, yo. I saw you staring at Big Show (the real) at Smackdown, was he really as incontinent as he came across? I’m glad the Packers blew out the Seahawks on your b-day. Have a good one.

My Birthday: A Retrospective

Here’s the dilly, yo: On Friday I got home from work and promptly drank a bottle of wine. Let’s back up; I first stopped at Beverages & More and picked up a lot of liquor (vodka, mixers, red bull, wine, etc.). So I sipped a whole bottle’s worth of Cabernet Sauvignon whilst waiting for our guests to arrive. Erin’s esteemed colleague Tera donated a 1/2 bbl of Fat Tire to the birthday cause, and when Kendric, Judd, and Scott showed up at around 8:15pm I switched to beer to get my shit flowin. I had about 3 beers while showing our guests the awesome Heat Vision & Jack (if LosDogg feels up to it, he can explain what it is, for the rest of you pick up eMule from Sourceforge and download it yourself). Then we headed out to dinner at Kincaid’s Fish, Steak and Chop House. In a word: expensive; in two words: fucking delicious. After the ol’ steak dinner we headed over to the Embassy Suites across the street. Why? Me and my wife were assured that there would be hot bitches there. Why I (on my birthday) and my wife (being a woman) would care about hot bitches I cannot say. But our friends did care, so we went. We didn’t even get in, however, as the cover was $8 and in true Cali fashion there wasn’t anyone in there. After this we met up with Q straight outta her West Side Story show for an evening of vodka on the rocks at F&A’s in Burlingame.

Let me stop and update on my liquor consumption: 1 bottle of wine, 3 beers, 1 gimlet, 2 glasses of wine, 1 double vodker on the rocks. More to come, snizzles.

So eventually we get home at about 1:30am and start drinking again. At some point, I was sipping a glass of Fat Tire at my dining room table and I kinda slipped off the chair was laying on the floor. I was just slipping into blissful oblivion when Scott thought it’d be funny if he did the following things: a Money Shot, a Frog Splash (a la Rob Van Dam), a 5* Frog Splash (a la Eddie Guerrero), and a Shane-O-Mac elbow. I don’t remember much after that, except that I recall seeing my bedside alarm clock read 2:48am. After that: nothing.

Final liquor score: 1 bottle + 2 glasses of wine, 4 glasses of beer, 1 vodka on the rocks, 1 vodka gimlet, 1 absolute cham-bulls (vodka, champagne, and red bull). I. Was. Drunk.

I Have To Be Honest

What follows is truly a weblog, in that I am recording, journal-like, my feelings.

When it comes to being affected by a medium, there are a few things in my life that I must confess. This entry is all about tv/movies that have moved me. Don’t believe that what follows is all that I care about. I was just thinking about movies tonight and wanted to write about it. I want to make one more thing clear: some of them are cheesy, but I’m going to be honest here. If you don’t like it, eat me.

1. The Ending of Trainspotting. Don’t know why, but the redemption of Renton and what he did to get there is beatiuful.
2. WWF Desire video: When I was a kid, WWF was my life, along with G.I.Joe and Transformers. When I was in college, a major aspect of it was getting together with all my friends to watch RAW and PPVs. To see a video package bridge that divide is nothing short of greatness.
3. The Ending of Braveheart: it just is. Deal with it.

What things have proved to have an impact on you? Holla back, yung-uns.

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  1. sorry RC, i got bored with suicide football i guess.

    instead i played poker and won enough to buy 2 or 3 bottles of dom… much easier.

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