Reorganizational Wrestling Holidays

Gotta plug an excellent series of articles over at 411wrestling. Ken Anderson is doing a 4 part series on how to save wrestling from Vince McMahon. It’s a great read if you liked WWF a lot back in the days but now find it incredibly boring. If you never liked wrestling, eat my ass and don’t read it, but a lot of people here did/do so this is for them.

I got reorged this week.

If you know what that means, then you’re probably already feeling sorry for me. If you don’t know what that means, then I envy you that you don’t work a job where this word would have any particular meaning. Basically, the people high high up in the company decided that it would be better to reorganize the hierarchy of all the groups in the PD organization. Various things happened, but the end result for me is that I am in a new group working with a new set of people for a new manager. I had been with my old group under my old manager for almost 2 1/2 years, so to just “switch” this morning was strange. I didn’t know anything about this on Monday morning. I walked in a little late, sat down at my computer and started looking at whazzmaster and doing some minor bug fixes. I got called into my manager’s office and then my whole world went upside down. Since Tuesday I’ve been in meetings pretty much non-stop. I need to finish up and transition the work for the group I’m in right now, along with talking to the new manager in that group, while at the same time going to meetings with my new group and talking with my new manager about how I’ll be training and what projects I’ll be working on in the short-term.

I haven’t gotten much work done since Tuesday morning, but I think that’s to be expected when something like this goes down. I mean, I’m glad to have a job. It’s just a little daunting to have been thinking about where my projects were going next on Monday and on Friday I’m meeting with my new manager’s manager and taking a seminar on Requirements Gathering. Just strange.

The good thing is that I believe my workload will go down a bit, and I can focus on several projects instead of a dozen. Hopefully this will make me happier at work because at the end of the day I may actually FINISH something and have a sense of achievement; a sense that was heretofore lacking.

Good news? Whazzgiving, as it has now been named, is at the front of all of our minds. Me and Rock Chalk were discussing it the other evening over dinner, and I’ve been talking with wirkuswhazz about it as well. I’m going to let things gel for another week or two, and then he first week in November we’re gonna get down to business and start the fucking planning. We need to know, most importantly, who will definitely be there, what they will be bringing/preparing, and who is staying at our house overnight. I think it would be a good idea to fully formulate travel plans and weekend sleeping arrangements (whether they be in the city, in San Mateo, or on Madd’s coc– I mean couch). In the end, I’ll just be happy to have a meal with some Wisco’s in Cali while drinking High Life. I think an evening in San Jose will be educational to all involved as well. Wirkus must see a Burrito-zilla. I say we just get Madd to black out as usual and then stuff one in his gut.

Speaking of San Jose, Judd and Scott have hypothesized that the recent spate of shitty blogging is due mainly to the fact that we are all old men and don’t go out like we used to. Even if we do go out in San Jose these days, it never seems to compare to the Burrito-zilla Night, in which Casperson layed out a Ron Jeremy stunt double in the bathroom of Agenda and I made $7 on a drug dealer not eating a gigantic burrito, or perhaps the time when we took the voice recorder out in San Jose and we went to a gay bar, drank vodka on the rocks at an asian hip-hop/dance club, and Scientist broke a $70 bong and ended his night sleeping the bushes outside of Scott’s apartment. All we have to do is sack it up and get the voice recorder back out there. It’s useful, and it makes fun happen (even when you can’t remember it the next morning). So let’s go out there and make someone proud.

I wanted to add one final thing about the Cubs loss. To every dumb shit out there, including Dusty Baker, it was a fucking foul ball. It was your shitty shortstop that booted a routine grounder 10 minutes later. As a Brewer’s fan, I’m glad that those guys lost, but I want to make this clear: I feel bad for lifelong Cubs fans all over the country who got this far only to have those dumb shits fuck it up in the end. I do not feel bad for all of those pieces of shit who crammed into Miller Park and booed the Brewers. Fuck that. Let’s see those fuckers try that on a team whose fans would rip their fucking hearts out. I still hate the Yankees also. I wish they would blow up, and on that note, I bid you goodnight.

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  1. who says i lost, maybe i didn’t want the dom, but rather a case of a miller product

    why tontita? why?

  2. she wouldn’t do that to you… i can only assume that the mexican she is fucking this week learned how to post on whazz and she forgot to log out.

  3. How unfair is this, all the new managers are getting sent to Disneyworld for training. Rock Chalk and I getting sent to dreadful snowy cold Chicago, I’m so mad.

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