i could be driving a ferrari according to a website… research agrees.

4nyay pointed me to a liquor calculator that was supposed to figure out how much you spend on a liquor and how it is adversely affecting your life.

after filling in my info it said that i could have bought .5 ferraris and that i’ve consumed 6 bathtubs full of raw alcohol. AHAHAHA what idiots. that can’t be right… or so i thought.

after doing the math on my own and downloading my checking and credit account online statements i figured out that i spend a little over $200 a week, or over $10,000 a year on booze alone.


someone please stop me.

36 thoughts on “i could be driving a ferrari according to a website… research agrees.

  1. a side note… i probably had way more than $10 worth of fun though… i’m just saying who couldn’t use an extra $10. ya know?


  2. in zach’s 2 months as an old man who doesn’t drink he has already saved enough to buy a new car. oh well… good thing i got this top shelf liquor to ease my pains.

    a vicious circle indeed.

  3. Screw the Yankees… I’m watching Nova right now. It’s telling me that I’m related to the aboriginees and our ancestors split near India.

  4. ok so since everyone has bitched and complained about my lack of responsibility (rightfully so because I have none), I will not vote on the issue. You guys hammer out a solution and this way I have no say that may or may not help me.

    Extra Lives…Who needs them when I still have 2?!
    Tie problem…Who needs to worry about it when I’m gonna win it all.

    I’d also like to say that I will be donating all of my prizes that come in the beer form to the top however many people I have prizes for. (ie. I win 2 beer prizes, second and third get those prizes).

    The bottle of Dom I have a plan for that.

  5. I’m leaving for Hershey PA tomorrow…
    So here is my question (which I hope will start a little whazzing).
    What is the best way to prepare/consume chocolate?
    Via cookie?
    Melted on Fruit?
    Straight up?
    With nuts?
    In ice cream?

  6. Here’s another whazz question for the day…
    if you had to compare a whazzer with an actor, who would equal who?
    For example:

    Wirkuswhazz=John Cusack
    RC=Juliana Margulies
    K-Car=Tom Cruise
    Cal=Jack from Will & Grace (ha ha)
    JenH=Kelly Ripa

    See, isn’t it fun!!!

  7. I’ll second Madd as Booger.
    And I mean that as a compliment.

    I’ve only seen Judd once, but I would vote him as Kirk Cameron from the hit sitcom growing pains.

  8. I’ll second Judd as Mikey from GP (that’s what real fans call it: GP. I liked the one where TG and KC got into that WA with BS. Tight, tight).

  9. katie I liked your game, i couldn’t play. but I think if I could pick an actress for you it would be Sarah Jessica Parker and i revote Wwhazz as Edward Norton especially in Fight Club.

  10. I took the Drink-o-meter test. Under my current level of imbibing, I rank as Homer Simpson, but if I weigh in the fact that I did not wait until age 21 to start, and my previously higher rate of consumption (mostly the good olí army days) I rank as an Ozzy. Two hundred bathtubs is a lot of friggin booz.

  11. Yo, all–

    I just wanted to say that I’ll be formulating a new post soon. I have hella meetings today and I have to pack up my whole cube so I can move across the street to a new building tomorrow. I should have pictures of several things plus a boastful comment.


  12. wow… now he is old AND gay. not just “gay”… he’s more like “matt and brian gay”. wow. thats gay.

  13. Old Man – that Drunk-o-meter is from the UK and already assumes you’ve been drinking since 18.

    Pennywhistle? what, is your new building on Castro Street?

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